In these days of multiculturism and multi-ethnicity combined with the increasing demands of Globalism, it is clearly the intention of big governments to bring everyone into line with their non-identity consumerist grey population. The very thought that there should be “regions” as they call them, and “countries” as we ourselves would call them, that cling to and persevere in the promotion and preservation of their unique national identities, is anathema to them. Coupled to this phenomenom and is pretty much synonymous with one's pride in nation, culture and history, is the natural attraction of wishing to have our countries independent of any outside interference by larger neighbours, colonial masters or conquerors.

For all the Celtic nations this “Overlordship” has been the root-cause of the erosion of our own Celtic culture. Our languages have all but disappeared, our music, songs and traditions have suffered the same fate. More importantly perhaps is that our own history has been corrupted in order that the casual visitor is lulled by the seeming “benevolence” of those who have oppressed us.

Celtic Solidarity has been created to offset these lies and the blatant distortions of the history and culture of the Celts. It is our determined demands that people from all over the world, in particular our folk of the Scottish, Welsh, Manx, Cornish, Irish and Breton diasporas obtain true accounts of our respective country's history and culture and no longer be dependent on the distorted versions put forward by the forces of those who would dominate us and extinguish our proud past.

When you, the visitor, peruse these pages, please remember why they have had to be created; quite simply these are the reminders to the world that there was once a Celtic Nation that thrived, with its own unique language, culture and traditions.

Indeed there are still Celtic countries, but they are in danger of being eclipsed and their desperate struggles to maintain their identities are under attack each and every day. Should the struggles triumph, we may yet see the long awaited New Celtic Dawn, should the many campaigns, strategies and activities be defeated and our cause therefore dies, at least the children of the future may read of our proud nations, learn of our vibrant histories, and perhaps decry the disappearance of several of the oldest nations in the world due to the greed and power-hungry tyrants of Globalism and Multinationalism.

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