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Dean Acheson, Harry S. Truman’s Secretary of State, declared in the early 1960’s that Britain had lost an empire but had not yet found a role. He was wrong. Britain had and still has an empire with its last post being played out in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

He was again wrong in that Britain had and continues to have a role as the very junior partner of the United States of America, the world’s only remaining Superpower, capable, as it is, of projecting military might anywhere on earth.

Finally Acheson was wrong once again when he said "Britain", he should instead have said England. In the empire game, Britain always means England.

It is England that requires an army to hold down the north of Ireland, it is England that requires an army to support the not infrequently imperialist designs of America, and it is also England that requires an army to suppress a potentially independent Scotland.

England’s Unionist government whether Tory or Labour fears that a devolved Scotland will lead on to the "slippery slope" of independence. An independent Scotland will be resisted at all costs by any English government. "War", as Clausewitz said, “is the pursuit of politics by other means”. War, in the final analysis, could well be used by England to deny Scotland's destiny.

English war preparations against Scotland are evident in the recent restructuring of the British or rather English Army. In both the army’s combat and support arms, the Scottish proportion of the army’s manpower is in significant decline. One need only look at the position of the Scottish regiments in relation to their English counterparts. After the Army review it is the English regiments that have survived. Let us list them: The Queen's Royal Lancers, The King's Royal Hussars, The Prince of Wales' Own Regiment, The Provost Company, The Light Dragoons, The Royal Artillery, The Queen's Royal Hussars, The Queen's Own Royal Irish, The Cheshire Regiment, The Devon & Dorset Regiment, The Light Infantry, The Armoured Brigade, The Commando Brigade, The Wessex Brigade, The Royal Dragoon Guards, The Royal Tank Regiment, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment, The Duke of Wellington Regiment, The Royal Welsh Fusiliers, The Queen's Lancashire Regiment, The Royal Green Jackets, The Royal Horse Artillery, The Green Howards, The Parachute Regiment, The Royal Signals and The Grenadier Guards. Even so-called Scottish regiments such as The King's Own Scottish Borderers and The Coldstream Guards are based at Berwick and Oxford respectively. The Scottish Regiments that remain are grouped together into the 51st Highland Brigade at Perth and the 52nd Lowland Brigade in Edinburgh.

The security and Elite Services are all based in England, MI5 works out of Thames House in London and the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), the old MI6, operates from Vauxhall Cross, London. G.C.H.Q. from Cheltenham, the Special Air Service (SAS) hail from Hereford and the Special Boat Service, strike out from Poole in Dorset. The rest of the British Army is firmly English-based. The headquarters of Land Command is in Erskine Barracks, Wilton, the 24th Air Mobile Brigade HQ is in Colchester, the 3rd Division, the South-West of England & Wales, the 2nd Division has a York HQ, the 4th Division is based in Aldershot and the 5th Division has its HQ at Shrewsbury. Need we go on? The British Army is The English Army in its Command structure and in its personnel.

It was said in the past that the British Army were lions led by donkeys, certainly the English donkey managed to ensure that the numbers of Scottish lions killed in the last two world wars were greater than any English lions killed. The Scots were and are expendable, and therefore we must reasonably expect the English command and ruling elite - given England’s imperialist history - to act militarily against Scotland not least in the event of Blighty feeling aggrieved at losing our North Sea oil and gas. We in Siol nan Gaidheal are prepared for any eventuality and we call on all Scots and the many friends of Scotland world-wide to help us collect all and every scrap of information on the English War Machine so that if the time comes, the Scottish Nation will be internationally vindicated in standing firm against the latter-day colonialist posturing of that proverbially perfidious country.

Whilst bearing all the aforementioned information in mind, Scots must also ask themselves why there has never been a Scot in overall command of either The British Army, The Royal Navy or The Royal Air Force? Could it be that a nation renowned for its warriors could not produce a “leader” in any of the services? Or could it be that the English government in its wisdom did not fancy the idea of a Scot gaining the valuable experience that such a high-level position would afford and that this sensitive experience could one day be brought to bear against them. It has to be remembered that for centuries it was an accepted custom for Scots to lead foreign armies, due to their experience and knowledge of warcraft and military strategy. The martial tradition of Scotland is one that has endured to this day, even surviving the very Union it fought for centuries to prevent. The English, however, would now tell us that we have no-one of this calibre to lead any of the existing British Armed Forces. Significantly, the English have for more than a thousand years done their damnedest to make sure none of its indigenous Celtic neighbours would ever be in a position to threaten the comfort and security of its own people, hence, its continued determination to subdue the Irish, Welsh and Scots. In the old days, it was simpler to invade and kill, nowadays (with the notable exception of the north of Ireland) they are more subtle but no less determined to remain in command over the peoples who inhabit "these islands" to use their characteristically acquisitive terminology.

In the final analysis, if subtlety, misinformation and crooked politics don't work, then England will certainly risk the disapproval of the European Union, by seeking strategic clearance from their senior partner, the USA, to take whatever action against Scotland proves necessary to secure "national" assets. Billions of pounds of oil are at stake here, and any geopolitical pretext will be conjured up to prevent England becoming the laughing-stock of the West, the pathetic little IMF-dependent ex-Security Council member and former "Ruler of Waves" which it will inevitably become when the mineral and oil wealth lying within Scotland's territorial waters is legitimately repatriated to our country.

Informed vigilance and steadfast preparedness in the face of such potential threats to our national security are undoubtedly the order of the day. Siol nan Gaidheal therefore urges all patriots in our country to stand firm in the tests to come.

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