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Calgacus....Famous Celtic leader in wars against the Romans.

Saint Mungo (or Kentigern)....Scottish Saint and missionary.

MacBeth....Last Gaelic High King of Alba/Scotland. (unjustly maligned by Shakespeare)

William Wallace....The most famous Scottish Freedom fighter against the English.

Robert the Bruce....Scotland’s greatest King, victor over the English at Battle of Bannockburn, Scottish Wars of Independence.

Abbot Bernard of Linton....Author of the Declaration of Arbroath.

Cardinal David Beaton....Archbishop of St. Andrews and Chancellor of Scotland.

Henry Sinclair of Orkney....Scottish discoverer of America and thought to be involved in Masonic and Knights Templar lore (keeper of Holy Grail).

King James IV....Scottish Renaissance King, established Scottish navy, died at Battle of Flodden, killed by English.

Mary Queen of Scots....Scotland’s most romantic but tragic Queen. Killed by English on orders from Elizabeth I of England.

John Knox....Reformation revolutionary.

James VI of Scotland & Ist of England, The Wisest Fool in Christendom. Strange but effective ruler, commissioned the King James version of The Bible.

Marquis of Montrose...Covenanter and Royalist Leader of Highland Armies.

Richard Cameron....Republican Covenanter and founder of the “Cameronians”.

Viscount (Bonnie) Dundee....Jacobite Highland Army leader, killed at Battle of Killiecrankie.

Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun....Scottish Patriot - vehemently opposed Union with England 1707.

Rob Roy MacGregor....Jacobite Highland Clan leader.

Alexander Selkirk....Model for Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe heard his story when he (Defoe) was in Scotland working as a pro-Union agent for English.

Bonnie Prince Charlie....Prince Charles Edward Stuart, true prince of Scotland, and chief Stuart Claimant to the British throne. Participated in the victories won by the mostly Highland Jacobean Army, but finally defeated at the Battle of Culloden, was encouraged to flee and escaped the ensuing slaughter of his followers. Tartan....Banned & proscribed alongside bagpipes etc. in Scotland after the slaughter and near genocide following the Battle of Culloden. 1746-82

David Hume....Scottish Enlightenment Philosopher.

Adam Smith....Inventor of Economics and author of “Wealth of Nations”.

James Watt....Inventor of Steam Engine.

John “Tar” MacAdam....Inventor of Asphalt, road covering.

James “Ossian” MacPherson.... Celtic & Highland poet, influenced European Romantic Movement.

Robert Burns....Scotlands National Bard . Poetry taught from Edinburgh to China.

Sir Walter Scott....Scottish Historical Novelist. Ivanhoe & Waverly etc.

Lord Byron...."Mad, bad & dangerous to know". Scottish romantic poet, also revered in Greece as freedom fighter.

James Simpson....Scottish Doctor who introduced chloroform into surgery.

Robert Louis Stevenson....Scottish Novelist. Author of Treasure Island, Kidnapped and of course Jekyll and Hyde, to name but a few.

Alexander Graham Bell....Inventor of the telephone.

John Muir....Scottish Environmentalist and famous in America for work as Ecologist.

Keir Hardie....First Labour MP and Labour Party Leader.

Patrick Geddes....Scottish Scientist and Sociologist.

Charles Rennie MacIntosh....Scottish Architect and Designer.

James Connolly....Born In Edinburgh, Irish Republican leader. Executed in 1916 by British for his part in the Easter Rising and other Republican activities.

Ramsay MacDonald....First Labour Prime Minister of Britain.

Sir Alexander Fleming....Inventor of Penicillin.

John Logie Baird....Inventor of the Television.

Hugh MacDiarmid....Scottish Modernist Poet, Leader of Scottish Renaissance & Cultural Movement. Member of 1320 Club and dedicated Scottish ultra-nationalist.

Stan Laurel....Scottish actor, formed half of duo “Laurel & Hardy”.

Harry Lauder....Scottish comedian and singer (after a fashion).

Sean Connery....Famous Scottish Actor. Original “James Bond 007”, born in Edinburgh and renowned Scottish Nationalist.

Billy Connelly....(The Big Yin) Scottish contemporary comedian, actor, musician.

Robert Carlyle....Scottish actor - (The Full Monty) etc.

Ewan MacGregor....Scottish actor. Star of “Trainspotting” etc.

Gordon Jackson....Famous Scottish actor. “Whisky Galore, and television, “Upstairs, Downstairs”.

Sheena Easton....Scottish Singer, stays in US. Born in Bellshill Lanarkshire.

John Hannah....Scottish Actor. “Four Weddings & a Funeral” etc.

David Heyman. Scottish actor, playwright etc.

Kirsty Hume....Supermodel.

Stella Tennant....Supermodel.

Isla Fisher....Scottish actress, now in US.

Tom Conti....Scottish Actor. “Shirley Valentine” etc.

Robbie Coltrane....Scottish actor. “Goldeneye” “The Pope must die” etc., etc.

Wet, Wet, Wet....Scottish singing Group. Soundtrack for Four Weddings & a Funeral. (Love is all around).

Bill Paterson....Scottish actor. “The Witches” “Comfort & Joy” etc. etc.

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