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If 1999 is remembered for anything by future historians and geopolitical analysts, it will be as the year when the self-styled “New World Order” came firmly out into the open. Events in the Balkans have proved beyond reasonable doubt that the hitherto inviolable principles of National Sovereignty and multilateral consultation enshrined in the charters of the United Nations no longer mean anything in a world which is irrefutably becoming what some might simplistically call an American fiefdom, but which would be more aptly characterised as the neo-colonialist hunting grounds of western liberal democracies. Kosovo thus represents the clearest manifestation yet of what might be termed the “de- nationalisation” of the world, its gradual liberalisation or subjection to the rule, norms and culture (sic) of the market. A market which cannot tolerate national boundaries, obstructive idiosyncratic cultures, unco-operative local (from a global perspective) potentates and generally anything which for reasons of tradition, “underdevelopment” (in the mercantile sense) or ideological contrariety, or is it contrariness, hinders the dissemination of the liberal gospel and the creation of more and more markets for the myriad commercial concerns of the so-called “free-world”.

Undoubtedly, hunting down the refuseniks of pan-American, pan-Liberal consumerism entails making examples of a few key, if minor, opponents to the “project”, the agenda of the consumerist global village. The occupation/annexation of Serbia’s historic heartland Kosovo is, in this context, less a question of removing a bloodthirsty tyrant and saving innocent refugees from bloodshed than the barely-disguised intent, on the part of the West, to destroy nationalism as an ideological option, to equate it with the worst forms of barbarity, to present it as the retrograde, primitive, bloodlust-filled fanaticism of a dwindling, isolated and universally condemned few. This is wilful misrepresentation of quite breathtaking yet hardly, in essence, surprising, proportions. Several things need to be spelt out here regarding the way a war (though never termed as such by the self-styled Allies) such as the one we have recently witnessed in Kosovo, is a conflict conducted on several fronts with targets, audiences and indeed target-audiences (!) both at “home” and in the theatre itself.

The quite hysterical anti-Serbian propaganda war before, during and since the Kosovo conflict was and has been an attack on the concepts of Nation, national identity and any historic allegiance to and reverence for a defined territory. Whether there is a concerted, scheduled, fully co-ordinated “masterplan” to eliminate these “obstacles” to the global market is open to question. Siol nan Gaidheal does not subscribe to grand conspiracy theories.....We do however believe that western liberal democracies are in their own muddled, chaotic and “wait and see” manner trying to blunder their freemarket consumerist way of life and message through to as many recalcitrant neighbours as possible.

Hence intervention in Kosovo and not in Rwanda, Kurdistan and all manner of Third World so-called tribal/ethnic conflicts. Are Hutu or Kurdish civilians any less worthy of protection from “a humanitarian catastrophe” than Kosovo Albanians? It is clear that some lives are, in market terms, worth more than others. The “Allied Force” operation was, cynicism apart, for domestic media consumption first and foremost. No-one likes to see massacred civilian populations, no-one could ever condone the barbarity of mass rapes and random executions, but to pretend that ethnic cleansing , killings and brutality of all kinds are anything other than the normal ugly practices of war smacks of political and ideological distortion. War is the one human constant where savagery is the absolute norm. To talk about “rules of engagement”, “precision and surgical” strikes, when bombing civilian targets to a cinder, to claim victory for “the values of civilisation” is of little comfort to the hundreds and hundreds of Serbs killed by NATO and indeed the Albanian refugees they regretted having targeted. There is no “good”, “clean” legitimate way of killing people in war. Death is death, whatever the moral imperatives glossed on to what is always someone’s personal tragedy, somewhere. Brutality and savagery are not the preserve of Balkan “ethnic hatreds”; ethnic cleansing has a long and festering pedigree in the collective histories of the great moral “nations” of the UK, France and the USA. Serbs need take no lessons from Germany and its newly deployed Luftwaffe on questions of savagery in war. All of this is not to condone whatever may have been done to Albanian civilians in Kosovo, it is to restate the self-evident truth that all wars are dirty, bloodthirsty affairs and not only conflicts allegedly fuelled by the all-too-convenient bogeyman of “ethnic hatred”. Most of the atrocities committed against Albanian civilians were the work of criminal psychopaths released from jail and given the opportunity to run riot in paramilitary gangs sanctioned by the arch-opportunist and fundamentally communist Slobodan Milosevic. Terrorist tactics in a climate of absolute terror—the work of criminal minds and deranged sociopaths, hardly the “final solution” of nationalist zealots. Truth, however, is often the first casualty of war, and the legitimate intent of Serbia to prevent its historic heartland around Kosovo Polje “The field of the Blackbirds” being ripped out of the nation by an Albanian army financed by Islamic, oil-rich states was scandalously misrepresented as Serbian imperialism.

That legitimate cultural and electoral rights for the province’s majority Albanian population—an ethnically-engineered legacy of the Ottoman Turkish domination and their determination to swamp and thus contain Serbian Orthodox Christianity - that the human rights of these Albanians may well have been curtailed by Milosevic's increasingly desperate regime, does not in any way alter the fact that to the decent majority of Serbia, Kosovo could not be “surrendered” to an artificially implanted ethnic majority, far less occupied by the West. Kosovo cannot be bracketed with Slovenia, Croatia, so-called Macedonia or indeed with Bosnia Herzegovina in that these form distinct national or quasi-national entities outwith Serbia, albeit with significant Serb minorities themselves.

Kosovo is Serbian in the same way that Argyll is Scottish, but needless to say this is of little import to the shopkeeper's agenda of the saintly and profoundly “multicultural” (q.v. our forthcoming article) West. Serbs today should recognise that Milosevic is indeed the villain of the piece, though perhaps not in the way that much of the liberal west would like to have us believe. Milosevic lost Kosovo, nay handed it to the enemies of his country and facilitated through criminal incompetence the quite inadmissible and in reality surreal reverse ethnic cleansing of Serbs from the cradle of their Nation.

Bannockburn in the hands of a majority Dutch population (for the sake of argument) engineered, underwritten and latterly policed by our perennial enemy would we react? The New World Order would like us not to give a damn about these so-called “atavistic” concerns, so long as we watch Disney, drink Coke, surf the net and shop in malls. The sad reality is that this comfortable, bite-size, easily digestible “philosophy” is in many ways a sinister forewarning of our descent into idiotic a-cultural, identity-less consumerism.

The hypocrisy of this Anglo-American policy in the Balkans is quite breathtaking. The international liberal project had no moral qualms with, for example, thousands of Serbs being ethnically cleansed from the Krajina and Slavonija areas of Croatia in the mid 1990's. Whereas Albanians from "Kosova" in 1999; different story of course. It sees no dilemma in allowing oil-rich Arab States from the Gulf to bankroll the construction / reconstruction of mosques,minarets, medinas and other such testaments to growing Islamic penetration in Europe, when in those self-same countries the bearing far less the construction of Christian iconography is punishable in the most systematic and brutal manner. Not that the "project" is in any way pro-Islamic, it is simply that "good" Arabs, however Mohammedan they may be, make better oil suppliers, Pepsi drinkers and F16 buyers than your average Slavonic "tribe" clinging to Balkan mountainsides and stubbornly resisting the evangelical liberalism of the sordid little sock sellers, fried chicken merchants and Tupperware salesmen who increasingly dictate the way in which the world should, not develop as such, but in their eyes "be developed".

The "just war" of Tony Blair has thus swept aside all pretence that Russia and its staunchest Slav allies can ever co-exist on their own terms with the monolithic liberal West. The knives are out and it's McWorld or nothing, Boris. If you want a piece of the low-cal, drive-thru, theme-park action, you need to ditch all that "national sovereignty" and "cultural exception" bullshit. Bill Gates and Ronald MacDonald can do you for a nice little decade or so of abject humiliation and subjection to strategic "downsizing", all in the interests of course of helping Sergei and Olga experience the dream lifestyle of insipid braindead Anglo-American shoppers. Greater Serbia. The hate-filled fantasy of terminally "off-message" ethno-bores ? Greater Albania ? The sensible, democratic, progressive "multicultural", multiconsumerist option of the world's groovy moral guardians and fashion gurus, quite obviously. Would you like some fries with your unconditional surrender ? The lessons for Scotland of this indeed tragic episode are manifold. Yet again we have seen the double standards of the liberal West, shrugging its collective shoulders when confronted with this or that ethnic conflict and then, when its immediate interests and ongoing "project" are jeopardized, intervening as the morally just seventh cavalry. A newly independent Scotland and more specifically a Scotland which has had to struggle to attain independence could well, if current events are anything to go by, see its national sovereignty not only called into question but trampled all over .This is not to scaremonger. Anglo-American interventionism now has a firm precedent in Kosovo. National sovereignty means nothing as of now to the World's globalist evangelists. Civil wars of whatever variety, secessionist or otherwise , need to be resolved within the complementary frameworks of State sovereignty and United Nations arbitration. Impartial conflict resolution is after all the raison d'être of that formerly inviolable forum . Scotland must ready itself for any eventuality come independence, the threat to our territorial integrity, resource base (oil & gas) and sovereign scope of action being all too evident. Conspiracy theory informs none of the above. Circumspect analysis of the new Kulturkampf between globalist consumerism and nationalism points to difficult times for all culturally constituted nations and their upholders. Scotland beware.


1) Kosovo is part of Serbia, and has been for hundreds of years. The conflict between the Serbians and the Kosovar Albanians was/is a civil war, not a “war of aggression”.

2) Serbians consider Kosovo the “cradle” both of their homeland and of their religion, and are no more likely to give it up than Israel is likely to give up Jerusalem.

3) The ethnic Albanian KLA (“Kosovo Liberation Army”) was on the U.S. State Dept. list of “terrorist groups” until last year, when lobbying and politics took them off the list.

4) The KLA has waged a bloody campaign of terror against Serb civilians, authorities and policemen, and used/using the NATO attacks & involvement as “cover” to continue that war.

5) The Albanians fought with the Nazi’s in W.W.II and enthusiastically formed Nazi “SS” units to brutally slaughter hundreds of thousands of Serbians.

6) The Serbians did not “refuse to negotiate” at the peace talks, they refused to give in to the KLA’s demands for the control of Kosovo. When Serbia refused these demands, the KLA simply signed the document it brought with them and called it an “agreement”.

7) The Serbians want a peace agreement that recognises the rights of both Albanians and Serbians and gives Kosovo full autonomy as a region within Serbia, not an agreement that sets up a “nation of Kosovo” run by the KLA terrorist group.

8) Many times in the past, Kosovo has often been “cleansed” of Serbians. Even in the last 50 years, the number of Albanians in Kosovo has quadrupled, and the number of Serbians has been cut in half.

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