Siol nan Gaidheal
Selling Us Back To Ourselves

The manipulators of the global media have discovered Siol nan Gaidheal in much the same way as the original white settlers discovered native Americans. As such they are seeking to present us with much the same contempt as they did for native Americans and continue to do for any defenders of individual cultures that get in the way of furthering their materialist aims.

The media in service to their money making masters seek to present cultural organisations such as Siol nan Gaidheal as chauvinistic predators devouring rather than protecting their distinctive cultural flocks. Images of nationalistic hate are projected through the distorted lens of globalist media prisms as the common characteristic of nationalism , an imperialist mutation of cultural individuality. These images are false and untrue yet are peddled incessantly. They exist to give a humanistic gloss to a globalist system that is anything but humanitarian.

Siol nan Gaidheal is only too aware of the mega-media forces that are re-shaping our lives and will resist any globalist attempt to deprive humanity of the right to individual and collective free will. These mega-media forces are not natural immutable laws, they are deliberately manufactured products which is eliminating reality and replacing it with a pay-as-you-play substitute.

Mega-media companies such as the recently formed, three hundred and twenty billion dollar America-on-line-Time Warner conglomerate seek to destroy our own shared cultural values based on real community experience and interpersonal contact with the people we meet in the homes and communities we live and work in. To such companies a sense of community is a commodity to be bought and sold like any other. Human beings are social animals, we naturally seek to interact and relate to our own kind and we communicate within a shared value system or culture. Our communities have been built up organically for generations and have a shared memory or history. Mega-media companies wish to eliminate previously existing community cultures so that humankind’s innate need for community will become a commercial demand and will have no competition other than that the false community simulacrum that they will sell back to us as a product.

The network of business values which have become universal at the beginning of the twenty first century has hastened the destruction of previously existing national cultures. Whereas at one time we gave freely to the community our leisure time for political, social, voluntary or charitable activity. Now given the demands for increased working hours and commitment, leisure, other than sleep or recovery time, has to be organised on the same commercial time-tabled basis as work. Who in a capitalist system is going to give up anything for free. Other mainstays of traditional community feeling and human contact are being destroyed as part of the atomisation process beneficial to the creation of the maniputable consumer so craved by modern capitalism.

The traditional two parent heterosexual family is, for good or ill, disappearing and even where a husband-wife-children household exists, the likelihood is that both parents are employed and doing a balancing act with the demands of the workplace and the home. The contemporary family with its constantly changing emotional landscape is often a battlefield rather than a home.

The workplace is no longer a stable environment either. As a result of short term contracts, increased flexible part-time work, downsizing and re-engineering, the traditional and rigid nine to five job-for-life is the exception rather than the rule. These developments at work and the increasing rise of tele-commuting and home-office work have limited the area’s where people can get together and exchange social and cultural experience.

At the beginning of the twenty first century, the sense of belonging to a shared organic community is in the process of being eliminated. More and more if you are looking for common ground with family, friends or colleagues it will be in a shared entertainment experience. Perhaps you will catch a few stolen moments in an American online chatroom. Maybe you will read a book you know everybody else is reading or watch a top ten film in the multiplex. You might even have a day out at a theme-park with other families and kids just like your family and kids. Entertainment products may put a mass audience onto the same wavelength and engage our emotions in common but they are essentially a replacement for the sense of shared community that corporate business values have deliberately destroyed.

Soon in our Internet world, long term viewers of Dawson’s Creek, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Aberdeen in Scotland and Toronto in Canada will have more in common than close geographical neighbours in Selkirk or Galashiels. The mega-media companies are taking our human sense of community away from us and then selling us back to ourselves for a neat profit.

Siol nan Gaidheal as a cultural organisation is well aware of cultural and media studies. We recognise studies. We recognise the value of theoretical cultural analysis and implement the social insights we gain from our studies. While we may not be strong enough to reverse media led globalisation, we can try to understand the process and take cultural action along with similar organisations all over the world to amend their effects.

The festival of Halloween is a good example of how the entertainment economy has re-enforced what is essentially a Celtic celebration. In recent history, Halloween was primarily a holiday that involved home-made toffee-apples, children, costumes and guising. Nowadays especially in America, Halloween is still trick or treat but it is an adult event involving parties, adult costumes and themes, decorations and orange and black greeting cards. Halloween has become such an important cultural and commercial event that revenues generated last year were estimated to be as high as $5 billion. Newscasters are even reporting Halloween sales the same way they have Christmas sales and movie grosses. Halloween is the time to launch scary horror films, TV shows and books. Even the influential religious right-wing Christian coalition in America has been unable to stop the forward march of the largest commercially fuelled occult pagan festival in the western world.

The entertainment economy can be an ally as well as an opponent. Many aspects of American culture are inherited from Scotland and in some cases American culture is closer to us than English culture ever was. Siol nan Gaidheal is not afraid to enter the entertainment economy and influence it in ways that are beneficial for the maintenance and development of Scottish and Celtic culture. Already through our website we have provided a radical vehicle for discussion and activity. Sadly with the increasing domination of the Internet by multinational conglomerates like AOL-Time-Warner and the demand by internationalist police forces to blank out separatist or nationalistic websites, Siol nan Gaidheal may find it more difficult to remain in cyberspace. SnG will challenge any attempt to silence us by shutting down our website, indeed we will expand our message into other media. In an information age, intellectual property is paramount. Siol nan Gaidheal has the expertise and vision to create both a real and virtual Scotland worthy of human beings buying into independence, and free will are the most important aspects of the Siol nan Gaidheal world view.

The enemies of Siol nan Gaidheal are the mass manipulators, the advertisers of products and ideologies who use techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming to create in us desires and wants for which we have no rational need.

Digital technologies enable mega-media corporations to reach each one of us with pinpoint accuracy and access our needs and wants from records they have amassed from our purchasing of products as consumers. Advertising can be so precisely aimed that we will in future only see products the advertisers have already assessed we have expressed our interest in. We and our next-door neighbour might be watching the same media programme but we will be getting different commercials each customised for our own point of view.

The global media manipulators wish to limit our life choices to what they have decided we think we want to see, our chains will be subtle and difficult to see but George Orwell’s "Big Brother" society will have won, for we will have become our own "Big Brothers" and have enslaved ourselves.

The world needs a fraternal organisation or a new order, one that seeks freedom from conformity, promotes individual and communal divergence and is dedicated to unceasing guerrilla warfare against the global enemies of liberty. This is the mission of Siol nan Gaidheal. In this fight, perhaps Scotland might lead the world.

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