NEC Statement


As all our members, supporters and friends will know, there were a couple of articles in the press which linked Siol nan Gaidheal to the hoax bomb scare that was carried out against the SNP.

Siol nan Gaidheal denies anything to do with this mischief-making and nuisance behaviour and would like to draw the public's attention to a few facts:

In twenty-four years and three manifestations, Siol nan Gaidheal has never at any time used this means of communication to threaten or condemn any individual, group or organisation.

Siol nan Gaidheal has ever supported the SNP, but has on occasion disagreed with party policy and has in fact written letters to the SNP expressing our views. These letters can be verified by the SNP and can also be confirmed to contain no threats.

The press made reference to a "code-word" being used to verify SnG involvement. What codeword would this be when you consider that we have NO dealings with the British press nor have ever wished to?

We would provide an alternative scenario to this bogus claim: Adam Busby and his imaginary SSG have been carrying out a campaign of hoax phone calls for over a year now, the method used is identical to his Modus Operandi; the contact with the victim, the police, the Brit press and the Samaritans. This style is well known to everyone associated with nationalism and we are positive the SNP, the police and the other agencies are fully aware of this. This is the "reply" from Busby to the animosity that exists between his "group" and our own organisation.

Busby has refused to meet with us to debate our difference basically because he has no real organisation other than a computer and a couple of telephones. The idea of acting out his fantasies whilst hiding behind other people or groups names has been his trademark for decades, the typical mark of a coward. The use of seeking publicity from the Brit press is something he does constantly; as a non-entity he feels that he must use publicity to provide himself with some credibility, something he sadly lacks. Besides the press and police, the use of a third party is also his trademark and can be seen in many previous "hoaxes".

It is interesting to see that whilst Busby likes to claim to be a nationalist and patriot, he certainly doesn't shrink from "using" the Brit services including the police and media, his attempts to besmirch the good name of Siol nan Gaidheal and slimy tactics attempting to "blame" SnG for his pathetic campaign of hoaxes and therefore trying to incriminate other and better nationalists for his actions, speak volumes about this police informer and agent provocateur. Busby hoped that by using the name SnG he would have brought us to the attention of the police and other government agencies, this action from a man who denies being an informer and, in the past, guilty of "setting up" fellow nationalists ere this.

In conclusion, we now see what Adam Busby meant when he threatened to get Siol nan Gaidheal removed from the scene. It was evident that he could not do this physically so we now know exactly the tactics he intended. Siol nan Gaidheal will soon reply to Busby in more detail and will immediately begin work on exposing this "fraud" for the quisling he is.

Siol nan Gaidheal National Executive Committee.