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This was originally intended to be a discussion document on the disengagement process of independence. In the search for topics, web sites were looted, various individuals persuaded to talk with the aid of a wee dram or two and newspaper archives thoroughly researched. I was surprised that some Electronic Archives were more than ten years old! I did not think the Internet had been around that long?

A cats cradle of interlocking treaties between the British Government, The EU and other non EU Neighbours complicates the entire process of disengagement. This is further complicated by the British Establishment's penchant for skullduggery, finagling, misfeasance and lying.

Last summer whilst on holiday in Anglesey I met up with a senior civil servant during a picnic. We got talking and it was obvious that he'd had a couple before the sun rose over the yardarm. He told me that 20+ years ago when the Nationalists looked like being a force to be reckoned with, senior mandarins were told to draw up contingency plans in case Scotland ever became independent and to tie up Oil resources in legal agreements tighter than a ducks arse! He also revealed some of the Governments thinking on the EU and the Euro, in that the British Establishment want London to be the FINANCIAL CENTRE OF EUROPE! Money = Power and when London does become the Financial centre, then Britain will join the Euro and all that it entails.

He assured me that many back doors deals have already been made, for Arms purchases to be placed in Germany as offsets for example. For Germany to be the Main Shipbuilding centre of the EU by starving British Yards of work in exchange for the nod from Frankfurt in favour of London. Other secret agreements to transfer Gas Fields from Scottish jurisdiction to Germany and the Netherlands are due to take place in the next few years. He boasted to me that Scotland would never be ALLOWED to become independent, as all possible means both fair and foul would be used to stop them. Even if ALL the Scots voted for Independence, Scottish Nationalists had absolutely no chance of getting their hands on the Oil and gas, as by the time they got the agreements unraveled there would be nothing left.

It is certainly true that there are many interlocking treaties and agreements and in the case of the EU, I favour Hercules' solution to the Gordian Knot, A quick chop with a sharp implement and let England and the EU fight over the cancelled licences and back stairs deals. There is very little that the EU can do to retaliate, Invade us? I think not. Splitting from the British Establishment will not be so easy. If we want an equal division of Assets based on population percentage, then we will have to accept an equal proportion of the National Debt and other liabilities. To protect our assets we will need to set up a defence force quickly and this means buying Ships and Aircraft from the USA along with the training of the crews. If not we will find our seas stripped bare by the EU Pirates such as the Danes, Spanish and Portuguese.

Another great area of concern are the 'EX REGIO TERRITORIES' which include all the Scottish Oil and Gas Fields, The Celtic Sea and the 200-mile radius around Rockall. I don't see the Brits giving these up without a long drawn out fight. The same applies to the 'Crown Estates' which nominally belong to the Crown but have been vested in the British parliament. There will be a similar dogfight over the North Sea companies which are based in England but make their profits from the N Sea. Ways and means have to be found to make them liable for Corporation Taxes or at least be subject to a 'Double Taxation' agreement. The Brits can so easily cut off our financial means of support, so this is a problem to be addressed as a priority.

Should by some miracle, the SNP declare it will leave joining Europe to a referendum of the People after some years have passed, and New labour's breathtaking arrogance in overturning a democratic decision of Holyrood, causes Labour voters to desert en masse to the SNP, that the parliament has a Nationalist majority and declares a provisional government, with an Independence date fixed in the near future? I would suggest the National Government recruit hard nosed Businessmen, well versed in dealing with dodgy politicians and unscrupulous Civil Servants and beating them! Let them do the negotiations, there are any number of honourable patriotic Scots Businessmen and Professionals who will fight tooth and claw for Scotland's best interests. Let us be under no false illusions. IT WILL BE A LONG, HARD, DIRTY and VICIOUS BIG FIGHT!

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