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A Iain a charaid.

This is going to be quite a long posting, so I would advise getting a cup of Coffee and concentrate hard for the next 20 Minutes or so.

Firstly a short history lesson to tickle the grey matter. On the 26th April 1320, Scottish nobles declared their loyalty to King Robert I ('The Bruce') and affirmed Scotland's identity as a kingdom independent of England. It was in response to Papal demands that the Scots should yield to English claims. In the 20th century, it has become a manifesto for Scottish nationalism. It plainly claimed that Scotland had enjoyed an 'uninterrupted succession of 113 kings, all of our own native and royal stock'. It also asserted that the Scots would depose even King Robert if he capitulated to the English, 'for it is not for glory, riches nor honours that we fight, but for freedom alone'

The First question I wish to ask, is WHY did an SNP Run Council ban the SRSM Rally at Arbroath Cathedral? I never, never believed that the SNP would act in such a way! To my everlasting shame, the Party that I used to support without question for years has banned the Commemoration of the Declaration of Arbroath, the very essence of our Nationhood! BANNED! BY NATIONALISTS? How could the SNP Sink so Low? I would have expected this from the quisling Unionists, but at least they would be acting true to form. Today tens of thousands of fellow Nationalists are shouting WHY!?

The Second Question relates to SNP Policy on Europe. Scotland is a tiny country perched on the periphery of Europe. It has no say in the Council of Ministers as we are still in the UK. What makes you think that we will be better off 'Independent in Europe' as part of a Super-powerful United States of Europe. Is it you believe that we can survive by gleaning the crumbs from the rich man's plate? There are many poor European nations waiting to join and they want a share of the crumbs too. Why do you have no policies on Farming and Agriculture? Why is the demographic time-bomb of Soil erosion and Exhaustion not being addressed? Why are you not changing farming policies to encourage sustainable Organic style farming instead of the helter-skelter downward slide into ecological disaster? Why are there no policies to clean up the Toxic and Poisoned landscape all around us, 86% of all our Land is polluted? The Truth of the matter is that you have no say in the way that European Farming is run. Your Hands are tied by the lunatic Common Agricultural Policy or as I describe it 'MADCAP Farming.'

This brings us on to Fishing. Whole communities around our coastline are facing an unmitigated and unprecedented disaster caused by EU Mismanagement of fish stocks. Again you have absolutely no say in the way the Fisheries are run and you NEVER WILL HAVE while Scotland is part of the EU. Even if you have representation at the council of ministers, you are one TINY LITTLE VOICE crying out amidst the roars and bellows of the Big players. For the sake of Political dogma you are prepared to sacrifice the Livelihoods and futures of 50,000 people who by and large, VOTE FOR YOU! Where are the Policies on Pelagic and Demersal Fishing, now and for the future? The necessary conservation measures needed to preserve the immature fish from the clutches of the unscrupulous nations who would rape the Seas bare? You do not have them because you have totally surrendered them to Brussels control.

My next question concerns the erosion of our well tried Common law. I have received an e-mail from a senior advocate to inform me that The Holyrood parliament have just introduced 65 Corpus Juris clauses into Scottish Law. This could not have been done without the active participation of the SNP MSP's whose job it is, to carefully scrutinise ALL Legislation passed in Holyrood. Scottish Law is respected the world over as probably the finest system of Jurisprudence ever. Yet you have allowed it to be destroyed by a basically unjust and grossly inferior system which has served Tyrants like Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler exceedingly well. You have allowed a foreign Police force with GESTAPO like powers free reign in Scotland. You have allowed the 110 day rule to be replaced by Long periods without charge and trial in foreign prisons, basically our Law is now back in the 1650's. The worst thing is, you have colluded with the Unionists in Holyrood who are obeying the Diktats of Westminster, instead of fighting tooth and nail for Scottish Laws.

My next question is about the 'Mr Nice Guy' image the SNP is portraying in Holyrood. Do you seriously imagine that the English are going to meekly let us go on your say so? If you believe that then you are a fool. Mr Nice guy is not going to make any headway against the devious plots of 'Perfidious Albion' as the French so eloquently describe the English. You are going to have to fight and fight dirty to ensure that what is rightfully Scotland's stays Scottish and not stolen by the English. They have woven legal agreements of bewildering complexity to prevent assets falling into the hands of an Independent Scotland. Are you and the SNP man enough to use Hercules method of dealing with complex knots? The SNP has had plenty of opportunity to show its mettle, the Unionists are tripping over numerous 'Banana Skins', they have dropped these past months When the Labour glove puppets overturned a democratic decision of the parliament, why didn't you all walk out and leave the executive red faced and powerless. You are not playing a game of Cops and robbers here. You are playing with our future and don't you forget it!

In the 'Big Lie' article I asked for some parliamentary questions to be asked? Have you investigated the Westminster finagling over the 'Ex Regio Territories? The outright theft of our Oilfields by transferring them to England for fiscal purposes. Have you briefed your legal team to study these agreements? Have you recruited your negotiating team of hard nosed Lawyers and businessmen to destroy the English barriers? Have you briefed your negotiating team against eventual Independence? WHY NOT!? Have you delved into the tangled web of deceit that is the Crown Estates set up? You are paid salaries that your supporters can only dream of, so how about EARNING THEM!? You need to plan now! for independence not muddling through after the event. The English Establishment was planning for this TWENTY TWO YEARS AGO! That is one hell of a head start!

Lastly, you and the SNP have to decide where you go from here? Do you continue to ignore your grass roots and carry on as you have? Or, will you sit down and recognise that you have drifted away from your principles and roots. Might I suggest you lift this illegal Proscription on Siol nan Gaidheal for a start and acknowledge that Sng were right all along? Ditch the Vote losing policies like independence in Europe and bring in real policies for Defence, Farming, Fishing, Green energy and other vote winning ideas. You can unify the Nationalist movement instead of, as at present, splitting it asunder. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We know you will read this almost as soon as it is posted and the next move is up to you and the NEC. Why not discuss these issues on this forum?

I will leave you with this thought in our mother tongue.
Tha mo spiorad cianail, air son tha thu air do Leith dallachran leis. Translated as
My spirit is depressed, because you are benumbed with stupidity.
Saoir Alba!
Niall Uaislainn. April 8th 2001 (681 years after the declaration of Arbroath)

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