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This posting on the forum, from the Cornish Stannary Parliament, was felt to merit preservation and if possible, a wider audience. We have copied it in its entirety.

SNG has raised an interesting possibility which I hope will be viewed favourably. Of course, we all share the same aims, many of our views are common, and Celtic Solidarity is a very real phenomenom. However, it would be much more effective if we formed a much closer co-ordinated bond between us, so that ultimately we could all enjoy some sort of symbiotic and mutual advantage. Earlier, we posted this:

SNG, thank you for that message of support. Words cannot express how much your words mean to those of us engaged in action against the detested, racist, English dominated regime!

Like our fellow Celtic brothers in Alba, we face the most difficult task of spreading our message to the World since the national press and our so-called "local" press are governed by the same paymasters. It is impossible for us to get any coverage whatsoever in our local papers unless, of course, it is bathed in innuendo or ridicule. Naturally, the correspondence sections are usually full of the rent a mouth bullshit of the English nationalist, UKIP pouring forth scorn and howls of derision towards those of us they view to be "filthy, rabid" Cornish nationalists!

This is certainly a phenonomen which the Celts need to address. The fact that to be English is always portrayed as wonderful and wholesome and something towards which we should all aspire must be weighed against the fact that the Celts, as well as being the target for crass accusations of laziness, dim-wittedness etc., etc., are inevitably described as being unwholesome and, of all things, unpatriotic! Why do we let these organisations and individuals get away with it??

Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, the task has become easier. Here in Cornwall, as a direct result of our web-pages, real Cornish people do seem to be waking up. The advent of the forthcoming court case in which Cornish patriots will be at centre stage promises to deliver, at least, some media coverage. However, due to the nature of the constitutional issues and the embarrassing revelations relating to protracted human rights violations against my people, I doubt whether any English judge will have the stomach for a fair trial!

Like yourselves, the Cornish do have the benefit of having a relatively large Cornish Diaspora. In fact, the tiny number of Cornish people left in Cornwall (80,000) when compared to the much larger Diaspora (perhaps as large as 10 million souls), itself a testimony to the squalor and deprivation imposed as a result of huge wealth creation for the benefit of Big Ears and his tyrannical ancestors, is cause for encouragement. However, like most Cornish people back home, they have suffered from the bludgeoning and beating about the ears by the never-ending flood of English propaganda which constantly refers to them as English etc. I am positively sick and fed up with being told every day how wonderful the English are and how wonderful their German leader is that if I hear any more of it I shall throw up!

As I write, I see pictures on "local" and national TV of the tyrant himself swanning around the ancient stannary town of Helston (where he comes to assist the English aldermen celebrate the 800th anniversary of the town's founding charter) which, as the name suggests, has strong associations with my ancient Cornish Stannary Parliament. Isn't it surprising that no mention of the Duke's parliament is made, especially when one is aware that this year is also the 800th anniversary of an early stannary charter. Instead of comment or investigation of this truly ancient British parliament, we are treated to the most nauseating scenes of sycophants fawning before the confounded man in the most embarrassing display of bowing and scraping I have ever had the misfortune to have witnessed. This, I'm afraid, is the backdrop against which the Parliament, which is squaring up to a constitutional fight in court, is operating!

Celtic Solidarity! Now you are talking! Let's do something about it! You will understand that the tiny Cornish nation (or what's left of it) needs assistance but I hope you will all realise that we do not expect our fight to be fought for us. Our activities on our web-sites should indicate to you that we are not afraid to take the bastards on! Clearly, as in any working relationship with other groups or people, I can assure you that the Cornish Stannary Parliament would be a willing partner in any cooperative arrangement.

I would be most interested to hear views on this topic.

Revrow ha dewgell dhe'n Sawsnek! Kernow ha Alba bys vyken!

Member G, who monitors the forum, then posted this reply.

I must admit that I havent been into your site for a while because of the pressures of our own workload, but I do remember a while ago at an SnG meeting, I raised the subject of a common bond, a Celtic Solidarity Declaration, another member informed us that he had been involved with the Celtic League but was dissatisfied with various aspects of it. I believe my suggestion at the time centred around the lack of true histories of the Celtic Nations being made available on websites, not just ancient history but a record of events from away back to the present day, to be added to regularly, a living archive if you like? I added that there had always been interchange between the Celtic countries but you certainly wont find much about this in a History of Great Britain which of course begins and ends with England!

Perhaps if research was carried out that showed the levels of trade and exchange between the nations, the commonality of languages, cultures and societies which we share with small variations then the people out there might just begin to grasp the natural connections between our countries and of course it would underline the complete difference from that of the Anglo-Saxon culture & practices?

Other things can be done like having pages in each others websites that explain a bit about relations from the other Celtic countries view and how they saw their cultures destroyed and who by and the methods employed? it would certainly make an impact, its relatively easy for the powers-that-be to dismiss the ravings of the individual or small group but far more difficult to disregard entire histories of nations that have had their language and culture destroyed and their lands re-distributed or simply taken over.

There is also the political aspect. It would seem that we no sooner create a nationalist political party to fight our corner than they are sucked into this honey-pot of position, power and self-advancement? We in SnG have studied this phenomenon for a long time and have reached several conclusions, and some solutions that may be of benefit, however this forum is certainly not the place to discuss anything that might be of assistance to our respective countries and might go against the comfortable status quo enjoyed by the few. Perhaps we might discuss this through some other medium?

SnG has given much thought to the reasons why nationalist movements in this country have had little or no effect despite some (like the SNP for instance) being around for more than half a century?? What we have discovered, we dont like! Clearly there is something fundamentally wrong with folk who are so conditioned that they are quite likely to lie back and have shit poured over their heads if some government legislation dictates that this is the way thing will be from now on? This must change. The powers that be have had things their own way for so long that they become complacent, oh, they have all their agencies in place and a whole box of dirty tricks just waiting to be poured out if someone looks like gaining an inch into changing the status quo, but SnG in particular have not been idle, we have studied all these things and reached a lot of conclusions, primarily terrorism doesnt work!! the Powers that be learned much from the Irish situation and are far better prepared for that kind of resistance, instead we must develop new idea's and methods of bring pressure for change, this can be done in a variety of ways, again this can be discussed at a later stage.

The main point of this exchange is for both of our groups to get used to that small name, "Celtic Solidarity", the possibilities are endless especially if we can hook up with like minded folk in the other nations who are not already committed to any particular course, open minds and determination is all that is required, lets get used to this term for a while? lets formulate idea's and create suggestions and solutions that can be examined and which will ultimately be included in what conclusions we ourselves have already arrived at. This is far from being the end of this discussion my friend. Best wishes, Alba agus Kernow gu brath

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