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An open letter from a forum contributor to the SNP.

It may have escaped your attention, but Europe is not highly popular in Scotland just now, due to the massive kicks in the teeth, our farmers and fishermen have suffered. You have a 'DO NOTHING' Policy of 'Independence in Europe' in which you abdicate all responsibility for working policies and surrender them to European Institutions. Is this sensible? When you need to get every vote you can in May at the general Election would it not be more sensible to declare that the SNP as a party were going all out for Independence first, second and third and would leave joining Europe until the majority of Scots Voters decided it was time.

I am against your policy as I have come to believe that becoming part of a European Superstate is exchanging the English colonial yoke for an E.U. one. May I bring a few points to illustrate my argument?

1. The Money spent on contributions to the E.U. Budget say around 2,400,000,000.00p ( 2.4 Billion pounds ) would be better spent in safeguarding our farming and fishing Communities, as well as providing better Health care, Pensions and schools. The CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and CFP (Common Fisheries Policy) are in dire straits and need urgent reform. A proper system of upland subsidies will benefit the small crofters, and not the big landowners. Having our own policy on fishing would allow us to conserve fish stocks for future generations and stop the lunacy of the Danish Industrial bycatch of Cod being 150% higher than the whole Scottish fleet COD quota! How many votes would the traditional Tory voting farmers and fishermen be worth to the SNP? They want out of Europe fast! and they will vote for any party prepared to take Scotland out of Europe!

2. The E.U. are moving towards greater harmonisation of national laws through 'Corpus Juris' (an article posted on this area of the site). Our own laws will be swept aside, for those of a totalitarian state. The Europol Police force that will have unlimited draconian powers of arrest of any Scot anywhere in Europe, who are even now amassing huge databases on criminals and their activities. They are also starting a database of fingerprints and they propose to have each EU Citizen's fingerprints on file by 2012. Another database of DNA Samples will also be expanded to cover all EU citizens. Do you want to be part of a totalitarian regime where Europol like the Gestapo, drag people out of their beds at 4am? Read 'Brathair Mor an Eorpa,' ('European Big Brother') on this website. The ordinary man in the street is concerned about being in Europe, Labour is committed to taking us in, so just how many Labour voters would vote for a Socialist Party committed to Independence and keeping Scotland out of Europe? It could be a sizeable majority.

3. Because of Unionist propaganda and lies being thrust down our people's throats for centuries, many of them now believe the lies. This has sapped our natural vitality and optimism. There are people out there who are frightened of jumping in the deep end! Reassure them with the facts. Countries like Norway have disproved these lies and Norwegian citizens have a standard of living, that Scots can only dream about. Independence without the EU baggage would lead to vastly improved health care, medical facilities and Old Age pensions. Read the article on Norway, (if it's not already dropped off the end of this board, it's on PI & SFI) and then tell the grey vote, that Independence will mean an increase in Pensions of at least 50% over the present rate. Don't write off the wrinklies and greybeards, there are a huge amount of votes to be won over from Labour.

To summarise: You have everything to win and nothing to lose, by dropping this policy of gradualism and going all out for Independence! Tear out Labour's jugular with inspired LEADERSHIP! Establish clear blue water between yourselves and the Unionist parties, when you have opinion polls that suggest only 17% of Scots consider themselves 'British' surely that suggests something to you? Scotland CAN WIN this election! provided the SNP provides positive, and radical leadership, and drops the vote-losing 'Independence in Europe' nonsense.

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