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An open letter to SNP activists

Fellow Nationalists

Few events in the recent history of the National Movement can have heralded more tentative hopes about our future and then dashed these almost immediately afterwards than the advent of a devolved Scottish legislature granted - reluctantly - to our country by the British State.† Reserved powers, concordats, slanted voting systems, Unionist power-sharing and the clearly manifested intention on the part of Westminster to keep our would-be autonomy in permanent check, irrespective of democratic mandate, have conspired to push the prospect of National Independence on a gradualist, incremental basis, firmly and unequivocally into the realms of fantasy politics.

It is against the background of this political cul-de-sac therefore that Nationalists must assess the current SNP leadership's downgrading of Independence as the central plank of policy orientation.† Far from using the Edinburgh assembly to campaign relentlessly and vociferously for the restoration of full Independence, the leadership has turned the parliamentary party into a largely complacent if not acquiescent loyal opposition, failing at every opportunity to pressurise the Unionist Government on the sleaze, corruption, ineptitude and transparent subservience to London which these creatures of personal ambition have consistently displayed since coming to office.† Worse still, and patently unimaginable in any other Nationalist party in Europe, is the shelving of Independence as the principled objective towards which all parliamentary and extra-parliamentary activity must be directed.

Compromising with issues of sovereignty, the monarchy and an alleged British identity whilst downplaying the essence and historical justification for our separate national existence cannot in any way bring us closer to Independence.† Compounding the difficulty is the continued absence of broad negotiating terms for Independence, detailed schedules for transitional governance as well as a clearly delineated statement on what the electorate can expect to gain from the restoration of full National Sovereignty.† Long term credibility cannot possibly be forthcoming without these.

Siol nan Gaidheal therefore calls on activists within the party to lobby the leadership unreservedly on the issue of Independence with a view to restoring it to the top of the SNP's policy agenda, within and outwith parliament.† The task of freeing our country from the bonds of a Union, which continues to impede every sector of our society, can in no way be put off for an ill-defined future.†It is the duty of Nationalists to "kill Unionism stone dead" and to reject any notions of a "settled will" on our constitutional status peddled by the apologists of continued colonial subservience for our country and its people.

Anything other than meaningful restoration of the party's raison-d'Ítre will, of necessity, be treated as abject dereliction of duty and be met with determined political opposition from all committed Nationalists.

Siol nan Gaidheal awaits developments with measured interest and with a view to ascertaining over the coming months which electoral response would prove conducive to the restoration of a campaigning Nationalism, unwavering on the issue of National Independence.

Yours for Scotland

An Ard Chomhairle Naiseanta††††† †† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† National Executive Council

Siol nan Gaidheal

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