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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 8:49 am 

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More quality research by Traquair in the Herald comments - surely this area of the paper's the only bit worth reading these days!

Speaking of economic we hear continually how well Scotland does out of this benevolent Union all the time and in fact Margaret Thatcher The Ruler of Scotland 1979-1990 stated it clearly herself

"we English who are marvellous people are really very generous to Scotland"

I thought it would be interesting to see how well London and the South East are doing out of the Union over the last few years - rather well it would seem from just a sample of the investments :

. £30 billion subway upgrade program
. £5.9 billion on one London railway station,1518,515753,00.html
. £16 billion For another London rail line
. £1 billion to upgrade an existing railway station
. three quarters of a billion on a Dome !
. Followed of course by yet another London regeneration project
£5 billion
. £6 billion Channel Tunnel Rail Link
. £3.2 billion For Another Tube line
. £1 billion improvement to an existing Light Rail Line
. £20 billion for a Second Thames flood barrier planned
. A £4 billion greenhouse tower over Battersea power station
. At least £14 billion on the London Olympics
. £9.3 billion for the Channel Tunnel -
. £4.3 billion for a 5th Heathrow Terminal
. £5 billion Upgrade other London airport upgrades
. £10 billion Plans for Heathrow link to Channel tunnel
. £13 billion for a third runway Heathrow runway
. £9 billion for Brown's plans to transform Thames Gateway's+%C2%A39billion+to+transform+Thames+Gateway/

Of course the Unionistas will tell use what great value for money Scots get from these investments since we will all benefit from the breadcrumbs. So just how nutritious and effective are these breadcrumbs ? :
"The average overrun in London was 131.5 per cent, almost four times higher than the national average overrun of 33.7 per cent and making London the worst performing region in the country."
As an example what are we going to get from our "investment" in the London Olympics which includes £184 million taken from the Scottish lottery
Well the Government conducted their own report on the matter so need to guess how well we will do out of it. From the report :
"The implication of this is that for the rest of the UK (excluding London), London 2012 will have a negative impact on GDP of c.£4 billion caused by the displacement of resources and activities towards London."
"implies significant negative effects to the rest of the UK (excluding London)." &

The Unionist British Government did not spend any significant efforts promoting this latest Union dividend from our collective investments. Interestingly this report was before many of the massive cost overruns so no doubt the losses outside London will be even greater.

Recent stories from Channel 4 & The Telegraph exposed the truth :
"London is hugely over-provided for."
"London actually gets much more than its fair share."
"London gets far more spending than it needs" &

On top of this we of course have a substantial investment being made in London's Palace of Westminster, The House Of Lords, Whitehall & The Scotland Office. I wonder how much these are all costing and Scotland and what return we are getting on the investment ?
So exactly who is subsidizing who in this Union ?
So clearly London & the South East are doing pretty well out of this Union. So where else is Scotland getting a Union dividend from our collectively pulling of resources for the greater good. I fail to see it from the following sample of recent great British initiatives or great British follies as I like to call them :

. At least £8 billion on wars
. Up to £110 billion wasted bailing out Northern Rock.
Incidentally prior to the purchase £45 billion of the good investments were hived off to a separate investment vehicle based in Jersey called Granite, which is supposedly a charity for Down's Syndrome sufferers but does not actually raise any money for charity.
. A further £6 billion in nuclear research at England's Adlermaston
. £36.9 Billion on Defence
This includes ( )
. Being 6th highest military spender in the world
. Being 4th highest arms exporter including to countries with bad human rights records e.g. China, Saudi Arabia, Columbia
. Being one of 5 official nuclear weapons States in the World.
"investment" in chemical weapons at Porton Down, which at one point were tested on a Scottish Island (see )
Incidentally the Scottish Island was eventually decontaminated by an English Company for £500,000 (see )
. £1.6 billion on running Embassies and the BBC World Service
We have already seen how well the BBC is representing Scotland with their proven "Anglocentricity and London-centricity" bias so we can only guess what kind of job the British Embassies are doing in promoting Scottish interests
. £76 billion on a New Trident system.
. £72 billion on the Nuclear industry
. £250 billion squandering the opportunity of North Sea Oil
. £0 billion Scottish Oil Fund
. £1.3 billion On MI5/MI6 centered in England
Particularly insulting since MI5 was (is ? ) used to spy and infiltrate the SNP.
. £31bn computer bill for new NHS system ( I wonder how much of that is spent in Scotland ? )
The original budget of £6bn, is now expected to cost taxpayers over £30bn

How many new Hospitals, new schools, improved social programmes, and real investments for the future such as an Oil Fund etc could have been created instead. Scotland cannot afford to stay in this Union we need to break free at the earliest opportunity.

Saor Alba

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