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 Post subject: Labour Manifesto Lies
PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:49 pm 

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Much has been made of the fact that the SNP, a mere 1 year into their first term os a minority government, have not yet made good on all their manifesto promises. Given that there are 3 years to run of their term yet, that is hardly fair - but needless to say the unionists are having a go anyway. So let's just review a few of the promises made in the New Labour Manifesto 11 years ago, back in 1997:

* “We will not introduce top-up fees, and have legislation to prevent them”
(They introduced top-up fees)

* “New Labour will be wise spenders, not big spenders”
(They spent £900 000 for the production of an NHS magazine which sold just 22 copies)

* “We will clamp down on Housing Benefit fraud, costing £2 billion a year”
(Benefit fraud now costs as much as £7 billion)

* “Our purpose is to make the NHS a public service, not a commercial business driven by competition”
(New rules allow health authorities to subcontract with private health care organisations. Recently, a private contractor struck a record £1.25 million deal to run five GP practices in England & Wales.)

* “We will make high quality NHS dentistry available to all by September 2001”
(Soviet-style queues outside dental practices offering NHS care. Over half the population in the country cannot get registered with an NHS dentist)

* “We will end waiting for cancer treatment”
(There is a wait for up to three months for radiotherapy for breast cancer)

* “Labour will defend the basic state pension, without means-testing”
(In 1997, 40% of pensioners were mean-tested. In 2003 nearly 60% were means-tested)

* “We will create the framework for better second pension schemes”
(When Labour came to power, 67% of pensioners received an occupational pension. Four years later, it was down to 59%)

* “We will cut spending on red tape and bureaucracy”
(The Government’s own efficiency expert found £20 billion of waste in public spending)

* “We will be tough on crime” (not to mention the causes of it.)
(Now, one million violent crimes are committed every year)

* “We will develop a transport policy to fight congestion”
(Motorway congestion has increased by 250%)

* “We will not force schools to sell off playing fields”
(Schools are forced to sell off their playing fields)

* “We will make education our number one priority”
(One in three 11 year olds leave primary school unable to read, write and count properly)

* “Teachers will be entitled to full support to promote good attendance and sound discipline”
(A million children played truant last year. A teacher is attacked every seven minutes)

* “We will promote personal prosperity for all”
(The gap between rich and poor has widened)

* “We will tax fairly”
(New Labour has raised tax 66 times by stealth)

* “New Labour is not about high taxes on ordinary families”
(Now, an average household in the UK pays £5000 extra on taxes; it was £2000 under the Conservatives)

* “We will help create successful and profitable businesses”
(Strikes rose by 462%, manufacturing employment fell by 733 000 and red tape costs businesses £20 billion)

* “We will cut unnecessary red tape for small businesses”
(The average employer spends 200% more time dealing with red tape)

* “We will overhaul our fisheries policy”
(Now, our fishing fleet is the smallest it has ever been)

* “We will strengthen family life”
(Homelessness rose by 27%. The number of families in Bed and Breakfast accommodation rose by 151%)

* “We believe the all pensioners should share in the increasing prosperity of the nation”
(Over 2 million pensioners live below the poverty line)

* “We will reform the asylum system”
And, finally:

* “The promises we make, we will keep”

Not forgetting
Halving child poverty by 2010.

or this:
"I want to renew faith in politics through a government that will govern in the interest of the many, the broad majority of people who work hard, play by the rules, pay their dues and feel let down by a political system that gives the breaks to the few, to an elite at the top increasingly out of touch with the rest of us"

The bit in bold is from the 1997 manifesto, that definitely came true (aye right); so is this bit below:
Human rights
Labour wants Britain to be respected in the world for the integrity with which it conducts its foreign relations. We will make the protection and promotion of human rights a central part of our foreign policy. We will work for the creation of a permanent international criminal court to investigate genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity

This is the so called "ethical foreign policy" …

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