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 Post subject: The Oil Fund
PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:09 am 

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Traquair on the Oil Fund:

One one item I agree with here we should start to get more serious about our impending independence and figure out all the options before us particularly the fiscal ones.
This after all is one of the driving forces for independence that we can choose how best to run our country for the benefits of Scots first and foremost. To do this however ALL of the books need to be open so we can openly and freely know what our various options are. Like any other country on the planet hard compromises will need to be made, trade offs will need to happen - Scots above all else are realists and we are not expecting a land of milk and honey (despite Unionsts tellings us that is our dream), rather we just want to determine how to run our country for the best benefit of our own people. Also like any other country Scotland will determine a unique set of compromises which reflect our own aspirations and believes, rather than those of a wannabe world power.

Looking at any one item in isolation even the prospect of an Oil Fund is fatally flawed without knowing all of the various figures and choices before us. With Westminster we already know they cannot be trusted to be open and honest to even let Scots know what our options are e.g.

. The McCrone report deliberately and maliciously withheld basic economic information from us so we could not even weigh up our basic options.
. UK Continental Shelf (Economc region). Callaghan went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that all the income from the North Sea headed directly south to the Treasury, ordering the designation of an entirely new economic region — the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS)
. In the 2005 Great Deception Niall Aslen exposed more fraudulent accounting which was trying to hide the truth from Scots.

With the latest GERS (2007) more lies have been exposed and many of Niall corrections accepted.

So if the Unionists want to truly give us free choice here open up all the books and all of the options so we know what our choices are, but no this won't happen with democracy British style. Figures will continue to be hidden and manipulated so our challenge will be harder, but we are up to that challenge. We also have positive thoughts and energy to look at different ways that Scotland can do better to invest and grow both economically and socially rather than the Unionist tack of talking us down continually and telling us why we can't be any better and how we should be so grateful for what we have already, but again we don't even know what is true and what is not as our overlords are proven liars and manipulators. They have already stated they will do anything and everything to preserve their rotting Empire and we should assume they will be plot against us until the bitter end. We need to take the initiative ourselves by any and all means to determine the choices before us.

We must expose all of our fiscal choices e.g.
. Our "investments" in the British Capital/South East
Recent or planned investments are at least £168 billion - (see next post). So was our portion of these "investments", at least £13 billion, the best choice we could have made for Scots first and foremost ?
. Our "investments" in the British world stage posturing.
At least £200 billion - (see next post). So was our portion of these "investments", at least £17 billion the best choice we could have made for Scots first and foremost ?
. Our "investments" in other areas of the British states mismanagement . Just a couple of examples are :
. £31bn computer bill for new NHS system
. Up to £110 billion wasted bailing out Northern Rock
. BBC license fees "investment" when we can't even get our most popular sport free of charge and an independent report confirms massive "anglocentric" bias.

Yep let's openly have all Scots weigh up the options before us on how best to run our own country, but we need to know all facts and figures not just some conveniently skewed partial pieces of the overall puzzle.

Sample of British Capital/South East “Investments”

. £30 billion subway upgrade program
. £5.9 billion on one London railway station
. £16 billion For another London rail line
. £1 billion to upgrade an existing railway station
. three quarters of a billion on a Dome !
. Followed of course by yet another London regeneration project £5 billion
. £6 billion Channel Tunnel Rail Link
. £2.5 billion -Roads just around the Docklands in London
. £3.2 billion For Another Tube line
. £1 billion improvement to an existing Light Rail Line
. £20 billion for a Second Thames flood barrier planned
. A £4 billion greenhouse tower over Batersea power station
. £9.3 billion for the Channel Tunnel -
. £4.3 billion for a 5th Heathrow Terminal
. £5 billion Upgrade other London airport upgrades
. £10 billion Plans for Heathrow link to Channel tunnel
. £13 billion for a third runway Heathrow runway
. £9 billion for Brown's plans to transform Thames Gateway
. £18 billion London Olympics (including £184 million stolen from the Scottish Lottery)

Sample of British world stage posturing “investments”

. At least £8 billion on wars
. A further £6 billion in nuclear research at England's Adlermaston
. £36.9 Billion on Defence
This includes
. Being 6th highest military spender in the world
. Being 4th highest arms exporter including to
countries with bad human rights records e.g. China, Saudi Arabia, Columbia
. Being one of 5 official nuclear weapons States in the World
. "investment" in chemical weapons at Porton Down, which at one point were tested on a Scottish Island
Incidentally the Scottish Island was eventually decontaminated by an English Company for £500,000
. £1.6 billion on running Embassies and the BBC World Service. We have already seen how well the BBC is representing Scotland
. £1.3 billion On MI5/MI6 centered in England - Particularly insulting since MI5 was (is ? ) used to spy and infiltrate the SNP.
. £76 billion on a New Trident system.
. £72 billion on the Nuclear industry

On top of that Scotland's Oil revenues have been squandered :
. £250 billion squandering the opportunity of North Sea Oil

And of course we have a Scottish Oil fund of £0
Also for over 2 months now the Scottish papers have failed to report on the major news story regarding potential future earning from Scotland's North Sea Oil

. "North Sea oil 'will last for another half century'"
and in fact
. "'North Sea oil will last for 100 years'"

Yep, let's work out what choices to make for an independent Scotland to prosper and thrive, but we need the whole story not just some crumbs from the table that the Unionist throw to us.

Talking of Iraq here is an interesting article -
"The soaring price of oil will leave the Iraqi government with a cumulative budget surplus of as much as $79 billion by year's end"
"Iraqi oil revenue from 2005 through the end of this year will amount to at least $156 billion."

So not only does Iraq significantly exceed parts of Scotland in terms of life expectancy, but they will have a substantial Oil Fund.
"In Iraq, life expectancy is 67. Minutes from Glasgow city centre, it's 54"

I wonder if the British and the Americans will warn Iraq they are facing a "dilemma over oil billions". Perhaps they can teach the Iraq how to squander (oops invest) their natural resources in the same way that Scotland's have been looked after.

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