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 Post subject: British "democracy"
PostPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:17 am 

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Courtesy of Traquair:

'Democracy' British Style

Australia - Second House - Senate(Elected)

New South Wales - 6.8 Million - Representatives 12
Tasmania - 0.5 Million - Representatives 12

USA - Second House - Senate (Elected)

California - 36 Million - Representatives 2
Wyoming 0.5 Million - Representatives 2

Canada - Second House - Senate (Elected)

Ontario 12.9 Million - Representatives 24
Maritime Provinces 2 Million - Representatives 24

Mexico - Second House - Senate (Elected)

Mexico State 14.1 Million - Representatives 3
Baja State 0.5 Million - Representatives 3

Brazil - Second House - Senate (Elected)

São Paulo 41 Million - Representatives 3
Roraima 0.4 Million - Representatives 3

Argentina - Second House - Senate (Elected)

Buenos Aires Province 13.8 Million - Representatives 3
Tierra del Fuego Province 0.1 Million - Representatives 3

UK - Second House - House of Lords (Not Elected - Appointed) - 746 Members

England 51 Million - Representatives ????
Scotland 5.1 Million - Representatives ????

The figures are not officially even mentioned, I wonder why :) I would venture a guess at at least 500 peers represent England in the Second house and at most 100 peers represent Scotland.

Assuming equal representation between Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland like any other modern comparable democracy in the modern world - 184 each
Would England every allow this commonly accepted level of decent democracy, nope they wield an embarrassing degree of power over the other constituents of the UK and will NEVER give it up willingly. The UK is not a democracy in the modern sense, but rather is a feudal class ridden domination of a group of smaller countries by one larger one. England uses the convenient cloak of Britishness to try and provide anonymity for its blatant domination and abuse of power.

The ancient Nation of Scotland is not even treated comparably to a State under the dominatrix Mother England. Yet 'Scottish' Unionist apologists accept this absolute domination of their country as fair an acceptable - what planet do they live on - "It’s democracy, but not as the rest of the modern world knows it" Their argument appears to be that the magnanimous benevolence of the British (as England likes to call its self when convenient) will look after Scotland best interests. I wonder just how quickly the England dominate second house waived through the assimilation of HBOS into the City of London ?

Scotland needs to escape from this suffocating and rotting Union so that our nation can aspire to be all that it can be.

Saor Alba

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