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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:57 am 

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Traquair on the Paddy Pantsdown affair:

So yet another unelected Lard with tax free expenses for life is telling us what to do, what a big surprise.

It would appear like other Unionistas he is holding tightly to his Brit Nat blanky of comfort of a failed referendum, should of course our masters even allow us to vote. They hold comfort that the Brit Nats can either deny or manipulate the questions/information to engineer a failed referendum then the whole nationalist bogeyman will go away for an entire generation. The naivety is astounding. Should we lose a referendum then that just means that we lost a direct and rapid path to independence but we will continue with even more vigour than before and continue to hack of chunks of this Union limb by limb until we get our goal of full restoring Scotland to a sovereign nation. I can just imagine the Brit Nats mimicking the scene from the Holy Grail where each of the knights limbs are chopped of yet they still deny the inevitable and spit & bite with the tiny stump that remains.

Also to confuse them further they have no idea what limb we are going for first, since frankly we don't care in which order we dismember this rotting Union. With Conservative and LibDem support it would appear the full Fiscal Autonomy limb is high on our target list :)

Also interestingly rather than skip a generation the next generation (The Independence Generation) are much more widely educated on the failures of both the Labour party and the failed British State, whilst additionally having massive confidence in what their country can and will be.

"Within the 18-24 age bracket, 47% back separation, as opposed to 32% who do not. Of those in the 25-34 demographic, 53% support the break-up of the UK"

We are very flexible and pragmatic in the routes we are willing to take to get full independence for our nation which cause the Brit Nats tiny brains to spin out of control (as witnessed on these blogs). They are stale apologists with nothing aspirational to offer our nation and day by day they are exposed as utter fools, which ironically just increases the fractures and cracking of this dying Union.

"Lord Ashdown is also due to publish his autobiography in April, where he intends to give his side of the inside story on the negotiations that took place behind the scenes in Westminster to push devolution through."

Hmm, and now we can to real reason why this has-been is speaking up, yet another Lard aiming to make a bunch of money on the side.

"It seemed clear to me that Tony Blair was not committed to the devolution project," he said. "It is true to say that he felt some debt to the memory of John Smith (the former Labour leader] who, of course, was very committed to devolution. But I felt that Tony Blair's heart was never in it… In fact, I suspect he saw it as an irritant."

Funny that, the head of Labour saw and do doubt still sees the Scottish parliament as an 'irritant', rather insulting and of course ever more surprising as to why Labour bothered to establish the parliament. It was almost as if they were forced into it :) Interesting that Paddy Ashdown is now claiming credit for forcing it which no doubt will make his new book even more marketable :) The website RealmOfScotland contains some fascinating information on another pressure group which clearly put substantial effort into also forcing the issue of Scotland reopening her parliament.

This pressure group the UN Committee appears to have much more reason and capability to have forced the issue rather than some has-been Lard who appears to just be jumping on a bandwagon for personal gain. Either way though it does make clear that the Labour Party and in particular their leader had zero enthusiasm for the concept of restoring the Scottish Parliament. Labour's true interest is and always has been the power and money in Westminster rather than Scotland.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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