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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:40 am 

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"Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland put Team GB opposition in writing "

"Alex Ferguson will not manage Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics. "
"he doubted Team GB would ever be a reality."

Hmm, so opposition from all over and how does the British Government respond.
"A GB football team will take part in the London 2012 Olympics even if it contains just English players, says sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe."

More Democracy British Syle

"This just reinforces what was exposed in the recent documentary Diomhair (Secrets) whish showed uo the arrogance of successive governments in dealing with Scotland
Now on You Tube -

Indeed and there is also the other documentary from BBC Scotland from a year before which exposes more arrogance of successive governments in dealing with Scotland.

"Truth, Lies, Oil and Scotland "
Part 1 : see -
Part 2 : see -
Part 3 : see -
Part 4 : see -
Part 5 : see -
Part 6 : see -
Part 7 : see -

Yet the Brit Nats will just dismiss this treachery, they have no shame nor any respect for the Scottish nation. In their minds we have already been assimilated into the British idea - talk about fantasy land.

Since we are on the topic of the Olympics I assume I can post the following without the Brit Nats having it censored :)

14th Feb 2009
"Jack Lemley, the last man to run London’s Olympic Delivery Authority — which is spending the budget — has said that London’s final bill could be a dire £20billion. "
"Extravagant: No amount of money is being spared on building the stadium" and what will happen with the latest White Elephant of inefficiency -
"the 80,000-seat stadium is its post-Olympic future — or ‘legacy’, as Lord Coe likes to call it. Once the Games are over, most of the stadium will be torn down to leave a 25,000-seat athletics site. "
"The Government is begging us to believe that the bill will not go any higher."
Of course our sycophancy of our Brit Nat comrades ensures they will believe any spin from the proven liars in Westminster - talk about unbelievable naivity.

And also as a reminder of one of many other White Elephant tributes to the British Capital
"the £750 million Millennium Dome was a good example of what happens when wishful thinking by grand public committees shunts commercial realism aside."

"Amid growing concerns of a repeat of the £1billion Millennium Dome fiasco, The Times has learnt that the Olympic stadium will cost at least £800,000 a year to keep open. "

So just what benefit is Scotland going to get from the London Olympics.
From an Economic Impact analysis of the London Olympics (see ) we have :
"The implication of this is that for the rest of the UK (excluding London), London 2012 will have a negative
impact on GDP of c.£4 billion caused by the displacement of resources and activities towards London."
"A change in the number of businesses created is also forecast and implies a considerable negative impact to the rest of the UK (excluding London) resulting from business closure or displacement towards the London economy."
"Again this implies a huge negative effect on jobs in the rest of the UK (excluding London)"

And this report was before the massive and obscene cost over runs from the original estimate of £4 billion to now at least £14 billion

Additionally £184 million has been taken from the Scottish lottery:

Yep, Union dividends galore, and no doubt the craven Brit Nat apologists will be out in force to tell us how this in Scotland's best interests :)
And from the ennobled unelected tax-free expenses for Life Lord Coe we have :

"The creation of the team [GB] has been opposed by the Football Associations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who are concerned it may compromise their individual status within Fifa.But he said the BOA, which selects teams for the Games, has decided to press ahead with a football squad despite the opposition.When asked last night about the opposition from the Welsh and Scots, Coe replied bluntly: “F*** em!”"

Yet more Democracy British Style.

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