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PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:19 pm 

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Traquair's latest in the Sunday North British Person:

It would appear more rats are preparing to flee the quickly sinking New Labour tug boat.
How's this for confidence : "A GOVERNMENT minister has placed a large bet with bookmakers at 66-1 on Labour not winning the next general election. The minister, who asked not to be named, told friends earlier this month that he was set to win a “substantial” sum if Gordon Brown failed to secure an outright majority and was forced to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats"

And Mandy the unelected tax-free expenses for life Lard is almost in tears in his latest interviews :)
"Peter Mandelson claims his career was wrecked by rift with Gordon Brown"

And it would appear the some of Brown's top business advisors are also turning on the Brown one. "Two of the business "ambassadors" appointed by Gordon Brown to promote Britain overseas attacked the Prime Minister this weekend over his plans to raise income tax for the well-off, accusing him of having "a thirst for revenge" against the City that would undermine the country's economic recovery."

Meanwhile ,as the House of Commons and House of Lards expense Pig Troughs continue unabated and the MPs & Lards congratulate themselves with an extensive Summer holiday in the midst of the worst recession in decades, we have :
"SNP face £6 billion budget meltdown"
"The Centre for Public Policy for Regions at Glasgow University has calculated the worst spending squeeze in decades will cut Scotland's funding by more than £6 billion by 2013-14. That means spending will fall 2%-3% each year in real terms, against an average 6% annual rise enjoyed by the previous Labour-Liberal Democrat administration."

The Scottish Government point out the following: "The government said it was proud of its socially progressive policies and would not reverse them, and suggested the UK government scrap Trident to save up to £100bn."

No, no scream the Brit Nats this is not possible - Trident is critical spending and all opportunity cost spending like health care, child poverty, education, investment in new business is worth sacrificing. Well perhaps rather than rely on the sycophantic Brit Nat trolls like Smeagol and Dufus we should turn to somebody who has the experience to judge the value of this massive £100bn.

I give you Sir Hugh Beach, the former deputy commander-in-chief of UK land forces, who has this to say - "Trident is ‘no bloody use"
"Beach says that the Trident nuclear submarines, based on the Clyde and armed with warheads, should not be replaced but immediately scrapped. His call echoes demands from a series of other military leaders who want government action on nuclear disarmament."
""Britain cannot claim to have derived any direct security benefit from the possession of nuclear weapons," he argued. "British nuclear weapons did not deter Argentina from attempting to annex the Falkland Islands in 1982, nor did they help Britain to recover them, despite the belief that a Polaris submarine was patrolling the South Atlantic.""

Oh my another Brit Nat myth busted, and Alex Salmond again proven correct. Who in the right minds would chose to spend billions on something that is ‘no bloody use', whilst forcing draconian cuts on services like child poverty, health care, education, investment in new business ? Apparently it would be so called 'socialists' in the form of Labour and their sycophantic followers such as Dufus and Smeagol.

This wasteful England dominated Union needs to be ended at the earliest opportunity and Scotland given fully control of our own nation to look after the interests of the Scottish people first and foremost.

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