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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:41 am 

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More from Traquair:
Excellent, I smell a schism coming on as the Labour Party fractures and dies. The death of Labour will benefit both England and Scotland. Also it would appear that Brown, well to put it a little crudely, has landed himself firmly in the Brown stuff :)
"Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, was placed at the centre of the smear campaign against leading Tories after it emerged that he met one of its architects Derek Draper at Chequers shortly after the plot was hatched. "

Will be good to see the back of this faux-Socialist and as a fringe benefit have the Labour party implode and decent into bitter and internecine warfare. I've already bought my popcorn, just waiting for the show to begin :)
And it gets better :
"The website set up to smear Tory politicians about their health, family and sex lives was registered to the House of Commons"
"The site was registered for two years, ensuring that it would be in place throughout the general election campaign, which must be called by June next year. "

Also interestingly it mentions
"The site is now expected to be taken down because the rules of the internet in Britain require an operator’s true identity to be disclosed."
“If someone is registering a domain name they have to give correct credentials in terms of their address and their correct name. So by having a contact name of Ollie Cromwell and the address, it’s likely to be false. "
Yep I think we can safely assume Ollie Cromwell is another lie :)

Arch Unionist AM2 better watch out, last time I looked he was registered as living in the Caledonian Hotel - I do hope nobody reports his sites to the British authorities - and, by the way.
And Brown tries too ooze out of his self-created cesspit, but to no avail

"Gordon Brown's attempt to spin out of the smeargate scandal by writing a letter to Gus O'Donnell to demand that writing smears is specifically excluded in the Special Advisers' Code of Conduct, is ludicrous even by New Labour standards.

The implication is that McBride was doing this because writing stories alleging things about opposition MPs and dildoes is not covered in the code."

It looks like Mr McBride rather than being a rogue player here is more likely the exact character that Brown has carefully nurtured.

"Chancellor Gordon Brown's Treasury operates with "Stalinist ruthlessness", treating colleagues with contempt"
"of Mr Brown's relationship with his colleagues: "He cannot allow them any serious discussion about priorities. His view is that it is just not worth it and 'they will get what I decide'.
"And that is a very insulting process."
"the chancellor has a Macavity quality. He is not there when there is dirty work to be done". "

"20 Signs that Brown is turning into Stalin"

Oh, the irony Labour are not even socialists, but here they are acting like communists :)
"The Times is reporting that the 'redrag' website set up to smear Tory politicians about their health, family and sex lives was registered to the House of Commons.
Oh dear.
Heads will roll.
Nominet are starting an investigation as it's illegal to give false information and the registrar called themselves 'ollie cromwell'"

I bet you even more funny the Labour sleaze mongers have probably put an expense report in for this :) If they can claim for Porn Videos, and third houses like Gorbals Mick then a mere website is nothing for these guys. I wonder if they put it on Gordy's expense report :)

"Interesting - mildly - discusion on ebc's newnight (haggis edition). They were chatting about "Maggie" Brown, and Ian McWhirter reminded us that "Maggies" tortured sexuality was all over Westminster and beyond in the 90's."

Could you perhaps be referring to this :)
"'Mandelson's telling people I'm gay... and I am NOT GAY', says Brown"

Or perhaps you were referring to this :)
"The premier-in-waiting spent last night in a meeting at the Gay Hussar restaurant in Soho" "But when he emerged, clutching a mysterious brown envelope, he was harangued by a group of hoodies. “They were all screaming abuse at him, calling him gay and a poof,”"

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