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 Post subject: Free Scotland Blog
PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:31 am 
Were back!! Don’t believe the hype!

It’s been a while. Loads happening still plenty elation from May and still moving in the right direction
but the British propaganda machine is in full swing. Led by the BBC and most of the newspapers the
dirt and smear campaign is in full swing. Don’t bite it’s a well oiled machine and will use every trick in
the book to tell you Scotland will not prosper as an independent Nation.

Of course propaganda aint new. It’s been used since time began in fact some would say historical
writing is propaganda, written by those that wish you to believe their version of the facts. Something
we have tried to question in this blog by putting across other views on the historical facts.

Here is one for all you knights in shining armour.

What would you say if we told you that there is historical evidence to suggest that The Bruce needed
the Good Sir James Douglas out of Scotland in the late 1320’s. What if we told you that Douglas had
become too big for his boots. Douglas was making secret deals with the english behind Bruce’s back
for his families lost lands in england against the Bruce policy of the dis-inherited. Simple solution!
Send Douglas to his death on a crusade with your heart.

The deals of nobles is also nothing new. Fuedalism only recently abolished in the new Scotland
but the decendents of the knights in shinning armour are still about. Normans, Flemings, Anglo
Saxons...their deals are a plenty and landownership the prize. Not a Nation, not a people and
certainly not the community of the realm..that went out the window the minute the ink dried on
the decalaration in 1320. Mind spiritualism via the church got to the masses. Why do you think
these things seeped into our history books, legends of the people, The Wallace,the nobles trechery
at Falkirk, the small folk’s charge at Bannockburn, The Declaration of Arbroath and the community
of the realm? But then the church so much the bastion of the people, the pillar of Scotland’d
nationhood fell to the same corruption that was to own the land of Scotland.

Did Lachlan Mòr give a shit about Scotland in a 16th century Hebridean island?

But then that’s why we have history books..

Dunnichen started it, Carham formed it, The Declaration legalised it, 1603 pulled it apart and 1707
destroyed it......

Today in 2011 we have at long last a Nation led by those of the people that make it what it is.
Lachlan Mòr in the Hebridies wants to be part of it as does Robert Kerr in Coldstream. Get the land
back for the people and don’t believe the hype.....London will tell you through its media machine
that Scotland ceased to exist from 1707 onwards but they forgot to tell the ONE HUNDRED...and
they aint fekin nobles or royalty.


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