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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 8:52 am 

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Some excellent stuff contributed by "Traquair" in the online Herald comments. How long before he's banned? :

"THE British government joined the EEC believing it would ruin the Scottish economy, according to secret files released last week. The documents, kept hidden from public view under the 30-year rule, reveal that Britain entered the Common Market despite successive governments believing that 80% of Scotland's farms would be destroyed." ... i_n9623906

"Cabinet papers (Scottish Office Memo – 9.11.70) eventually released in January 2001 revealed that ‘as the horrific implications of handing over our waters dawned on our MPs, Ministers and civil servants adopted a systematic policy of concealing what was happening. it vital not to get drawn into an explanation of what was going on or to admit what a disaster was in store for Britain’s fishermen in the wider context must be regarded as expendable."
Of course the fishing industry is major more important to Scotland than England, but this was not a factor it was merely "expendable" in the greater interests of the British block.

"Do not the findings substantiate the view that British Steel sacrificed Ravenscraig—the heart of the Scottish steel industry—as the entry price to a sordid price-fixing cartel in Europe? Far from the Government having nothing to do with the arrangements, is it not true that they knew about them, aided and abetted them and that that is why they did not force the sale of Ravenscraig by British Steel? Instead of defending British Steel's illegal activities, why does the Minister not apologise to the people of Lanarkshire and Scotland for allowing their plant to be used as the sacrificial lamb for British Steel's dirty deals in Europe?" ... tish-steel

"Scotland 'ignored' in Euro talks"
"A leaked government report claims Scotland has been ignored by Whitehall officials in key European negotiations."
"It was not uncommon, it said, for Whitehall departments to exclude the Scottish Government when forming policy, or to dismiss its views when formulating a UK line."

One of the "independent" advisers to the Calman Commission Iain McLean puts his finger on the real reason that Britain does not want to let Scotland go :

"If the Scottish Nationalists (SNP) came to power, they would negotiate secession, which would endanger some projects dear to Unionists of all parties – such as the UK’s seats in the UN Security Council (worrying to Conservative Unionists)" ... 050412.pdf

Basically Britain is terrified that once Scotland leaves the rump that is left it will be seen for what it is- a has been empire which will not longer deserve a seat at the top table which is so covets. This is the real reason that the British State, Brown et al will to anything and everything to try and prevent Scotland gaining her independence - it is just another power game and they are absolutely terrified that they will lose their seats at the top table.

To make matters even worse the British Government stated the following in the infamous McCrone report :

"North Sea oil could have far-reaching consequences for Scottish membership of EEC because of the tremendously increased political power it would confer. As the major producer of oil in Western Europe, however, Scotland would be in a key position and other countries would be extremely foolish if they did not seek to do all they could to accommodate Scottish interests."

The thought of Scotland having " tremendously increased political power" clearly terrified the British to the extent that they hid this likely outcome from the Scottish nation for 30 years. The British hypocrites and their Scottish quisling accomplices are fine pushing the "tremendously increased political power" of their block down our throats at every opportunity, but for Scotland to have ended up with "tremendously increased political power" was clearly not permissible - the thought of Scotland being a more powerful player that the British terrified them to the core and they did anything and everything to prevent that happening. We cannot allow them to perpetuate the same treason on the Scottish nation again.

Clearly with Westminster nothing has changed in their attitude to Scotland's Oil since the McCrone and the Thatcher era, with Cairns just being a latter day Bernard Ingham with the added insult that he is Scottish.

From Margaret Thatcher's Bernard Ingham's
"they smelt money"
"as greedy as sin as they were"
"the only thing that fueled nationalism was
the smell of oil, money and oil"
"it really is the most monstrous piety"

From Cairns we now have accusations that in regard to Scotland's oil that our First Minster is "gloating about the taxation revenue potential of high oil" and is "using it as a dubious means of making dodgy sums add up" ...

"The average overrun in London was 131.5 per cent, almost four times higher than the national average overrun of 33.7 per cent and making London the worst performing region in the country." ... london.pdf

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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