Siol nan Gaidheal

A Simple Message From a Scot
for Consideration by All

They say that almost half of the Scottish electorate are nationalists! An excellent start, with more people joining this number every day, but why doesnít society, the establishment, reflect this change?

Do those politicians who claim to represent the nationalist half of the country inform their voters that in order to represent them, the politicians themselves are obliged to swear an oath of loyalty to the figure-head of another country and thereby are already compromised?

Should a person of Scottish nationalist tendencies appear in a 'Scottish' Court of Law, is he aware that the judge presiding is a Unionist? He has to be, because his oath has already been given to a foreign power, and the Coat of Arms above his head is the same symbol of authority that many a Scotsman saw just before being sentenced to deportation.

The psuedo-Scottish parliament and all other government buildings in Scotland, Newspaper Offices, Media Stations, Police Stations, Army, Navy & Air Force Bases, Banks and other Finance Houses, Government Administration Centres such as Social Services etc., all fly the flag of Union, a symbol of oppression to so many people all over the world, and one that Scottish Nationalists have come to regard as the most potent indicator of our subservitude to England.

The Union Jack, The "Butchers Apron", is flown in direct opposition to the flag of Scotland. It would appear that although half of Scotland, being nationalist, wish to see our Saltire/St Andrew's Flag being flown as a symbol of our own nationhood, the powers-that-be are determined that this will never come to pass. We are not to be represented in this fashion and the acknowledged symbol of Englandís might continues to fly from the rooftops of every building representing Power, in much the same way as the Swastika was flown from the rooftops of Power buildings in France, Poland and every other country that was ground under the heel of Nazi Germanyís Occupation and Domination.

It was recently publicised that Scottish schools are forbidden to fly the flag of Scotland unless it is to celebrate St. Andrews Day, this means that only once a year are we to be able to look upon our own country's flag with pride. This is a situation which would never be permitted in the USA, or anywhere else that claims democratic status, and a great loss to our children who are forbidden the pleasure of having pride in the symbol of our nation - not for them the salute to the equivalent of "Old Glory".

So whilst one half of the citizens of our country who are still tied to the 'colony' mentality are willing to see the flag of Oppression flying over their cowed faces and bowed heads, the nationalist half of this country are rapidly throwing off the chains of servitude and false dependency that we have suffered under, and are now crying out for the restoration of our own symbol of nationhood, the oldest national flag in existence, The Saltire, The Flag of St. Andrew, The Flag of Scotland.

This is the first step towards the much sought-after freedom for our country that the people of Scotland aspire to. Scotland was "sold" into Union with England by an aristocracy avid for English gold, and we the ordinary people of Scotland have paid for their greed over the past 300 years. Now it is time that the oldest nation in the Western Hemisphere regained its stolen sovereignty.

It was surely disgraceful to witness the tremendous efforts of US Scots, and the patriotic work carried out by the fine Senator Trent Lott, in creating "Tartan Day" in the USA being subverted by the minions of England and the Union. These time-servers insisted prior to the launch that the flag of Scotland, flying to celebrate this auspicious occasion, be dragged down and replaced with that symbol of England, the Union Jack or, as it's called in Scotland, "The Butchers Apron" signifying it being borne by the English Redcoats during the slaughter of the Highland Clans at Culloden. The English appointed participants in the USA were ensuring that the American people would remain uninformed and unaware of the rising clamour for Scottish Independence, and felt that seeing the Scottish flag being flown might contribute to a general enlightenment which would see the American people recognising Scotland's plight - and might just recall their own desparate battle to throw off the chains of servitude and colonial status that freed them from the English yoke. Despite almost hysterical efforts to obstruct his appearance, the world-famous actor Sir Sean Connery spoke out for Scotland's freedom on Tartan Day this year, whilst the American public applauded, the British Unionist press castigated him and slandered his fine name because of his speech on behalf of the country of his birth, a country he loves well.

Siol nan Gaidheal USA and Siol nan Gaidheal Scotland would call on Senator Lott and the American people to refute this domination of the ancient homeland of many Americans of Scottish ancestry, and join with us in ensuring that all future celebrations of "Tartan Day" in the USA be forever highlighted by the flying of the flag of Scotland. This day has been created by good and sincere people, don't let its importance be mired in the mud of politics and oppressive government. Come join with us in the adventure of a lifetime, the re-creation of a free and independent Scotland, the land that was once the shining example to the rest of the world, a beacon which represented truth, compassion, integrity and most importantly, freedom for all. The people of Scotland call on our blood, the race of the Gael will never be extinguished, and it is our fervent wish that our people of the Scottish diaspora will unite with the Scots at home to correct this injustice. Saor Alba a nis.

Siol nan Gaidheal (Seed of the Gael) 2001

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