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Politics is a cultural activity. Only by premising any political manifesto upon this certain and enduring truth will the political life of the nation be underpinned by a natural tendency to reflect properly, the ethnic nature of our people.

Siol nan Gaidheal adheres to the principle that no foreign ideology, in this as in any dynamic area of our culture, may be purposefully accommodated into the fabric of our national life.

The occasional exercise of ostensible choice in the selection of a favoured political party is accorded huge and weighty significance in the Western Industrialised World and goes rather spuriously under the name of ‘Democracy’. However, it can be easily demonstrated from our national experience, that ‘Democracy’ is a facile and vacuous tokenism when it describes only decisions of such party political depth and by a largely ill-informed and disengaged electorate.

In Siol nan Gaidheal, we hold that the key to real and meaningful Democracy is to be sought in the concept of membership of a participative society. We identify participation as being the primary result of natural cultural process within any ethnic and cultural community. The participative tendency is intrinsic in any society bound by ethnicity, culture and a common sense of history; the only secure foundations upon which a truly fraternal social structure may be constructed. Unrestricted licence towards participation in the truly democratic processes of such a notional fraternal society, we call ‘Freedom’.

Today, in Scotland, there are political parties operating which are doing so illegitimately, and there are political ideas which are not being served at all because they lack the necessary vehicle to champion them. Whilst our understanding of the essential nature of politics and of pertinent notions of democracy would involve a readjustment of such discrepancies, we aspire meanwhile to the eventual realisation of our cultural responsibilities in the dynamic area of politics, through such participation as is currently attainable, as highly motivated individuals and as a responsible organisation.

In no other area of our culture is there a greater potential for the denigration of Scotland’s ethos and Scotland’s rights and the advancement of the petty collaborator, than in this dynamic of politics. The political machine which is the British Labour Party, an institution founded in good faith in order to serve the imported ideology of socialism — certain aspects of which have served the Scottish People, albeit in limited and grudging fashion — has become by a process; the means of delivering the grindingly mediocre (at best) to decision-making power throughout the central industrial belt of our country. This monstrous and ravenous abomination continues to elevate to ersatz-respectability, cohorts of those thoroughly devoid of integrity or ability and yet eager to push themselves forward as worthy of elevation. In the British Parliament, whose credentials are shortly to expire in our country, the so-called Scottish Labour MP’s have provided the stumbling block upon which our national cause has faltered time after time. The poisonous nature of their record cries out for a response commensurate with their individual efforts. In due course, it may well come to pass that their crimes of treason against our Nation, Culture and People will receive appropriate and ultimate attention in some future Scottish government in which Siol nan Gaidheal holds a stake.

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