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Much has been said and implied by the Labour Party and other pro-Union political groups about the mild racism they say is inherent in the SNP, and the rabid extreme racism that allegedly exists within the ranks of Siol nan Gaidheal, a charge that has never had any basis and has been disproven times without number, but is still bandied about by the pro-British press in order to discredit groups and organisations that they feel unable to categorise or to get rid of. This charge was shown to be false by the numbers of black members of our organisation in the same fashion as their charge of our supposed hatred of ALL English folk, this allegation was also shown to have absolutely no credibility by statements issued by English members of Siol nan Gaidheal. Therefore we are delighted to honour as many of these New Scots in this article as we can. Thanks must be given to the generally distasteful newspaper The Sun for publishing a story that enabled us to identify many of our people who would have remained nameless, for this at least, we thank the aforementioned “newspaper”.

Bashir Ahmed: The much admired Pakistani leader of Scots Asians for Independence. Bashir himself sees the forthcoming Scottish Parliament as just the first step to complete Scottish Independence.
Wahyit  Wan: A prominent member of the Scottish / Chinese business community. Mr. Wan states...“ a parliament is something that the country deserves. I’d like to see it lead to independence“
Tony van Breugal: An artist from The Hague who moved to Scotland 30 years ago and who says “if we don't go independent, the Parliament will have been nothing but a talking shop“.
Gaston  Olivier: Another New Scot who moved here from Belgium over 50 years ago and who has spent his entire time here fighting for a free Scotland. Gaston says..“Scotland is a country and if you are a country you must govern yourself. The parliament is a tremendous step in the right direction“
Estaer  Medina: Estaer came here 4 years ago and states “ I think Scotland should be a country on its own without England. Scots are much friendlier people and deserve to live separately without being under control of the English.“
Thoalfiquar Humoud: An Iraq student of Scottish history, Mr. Humoud says “ I hope Scotland does go Independent. I think it would be a great step forward and I’m proud to be here at such an exciting time“.
Christian Aubuisson : Mr. Alibuisson, an investment manager from Ardeche who has now stayed in Scotland for 15 years says..“ Scotland would prosper as an independent nation“.
Pilar Campbell: Formerly of Columbia and now staying in Scotland for the past 10 years, states...“ the people are very beautiful as well and they deserve to be a free nation. Hopefully that is something the Parliament will bring about“.
Gerry Williams: A Welshman who has stayed in Lanarkshire for the past 21 years, says...“ All politicians are bastards and the Scottish Parliament is creating more. But I’d like to see Scotland and Wales win their Independence“.
Antonio Carlo: Mr. Carlo from Venezuela, but who emigrated to Tenerife says... “Scotland is certainly the most friendly nation in the world. Many people in Tenerife want independence but it isn't half the country that Scotland is“.
Elena Baltacha: Daughter of the Ukrainian International football star Sergei and who moved here 9 years ago says..“ I’m not really interested in the Scottish Parliament, but Scotland should become a country in its own right“.
Marvin Andrews: A footballer for Raith Rovers, formerly from the Caribbean and spending his first year in Scotland, says...“ I’m not very big on politics. But if the Parliament leads to Independence. I’d be happy“.
Sarah Nicolson: A Gaelic-speaking Canadian who moved to Scotland 9 years ago and now lives in Perth, says...“ The Parliament will hopefully be the start of Independence because Scotland has a well educated population“.
Mladen Grbin: Mr. Grbin, a Croat boffin now working at Glasgow University, says....“ Scotland has the potential to be a country in its own right. If that's what the people decide, that's fine by me“.

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