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Self Determination:


The so-called Scottish Parliament graciously gifted by Her Majesty the Queen on the first of July 1999 is an illusion especially prepared by British Unionists to entrap the Scottish National Party and other naive nationalists.

The reconvened Scottish Parliament is nothing of the kind. It does not even share the concept of the sovereignty of the Scottish people with its primitive 1707 predecessor which embodied a Scottish tradition and legal system entirely separate from the English Westminster model.

The new Scottish Parliament despite the histrionics peddled by Madame Ecosse is an offshoot of its Westminster parent. It does not provide a focus for the sovereignty or the will of Scottish people. Only an independent Scottish Parliament could do that. The present institution is a devolutionary con and the leadership of the Scottish National Party should know better than collaborate with the unionist political parties in attempting to put over this scam on the Scottish people.

The situation Scotland faces with her fake parliament is but one example of how the global elite manipulates so-called democratic institutions in order to maintain its corporate grip on the levers of world social, economic and cultural power.

The uniglobular oligarchy has already sidelined the world forum of democratic nationalism, the United Nations.

The right of self-determination for all nations enshrined in the U.N. Foundation Charter has already been trampled on by the Anglo-American led NATO alliance in both Iraq and Yugoslavia.

Corporate Imperialism now has clear precedents to intervene against any national community which opposes its freedom or right of capitalist exploitation.

The irony is that this “right” to subjugate whole peoples and enslave them to the interests of corporate gangsterism is masked by a spurious appeal to the United Nations Convention of Human Rights.

Only a corrupt and hypocritical global system could allow those paragons of virtue, Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bill Clinton to pick and mix from a sweet bag of sugar-coated moral issues selected as suitable by corporate spin doctors to hoodwink the public and justify any imperialist intervention and excess.

Why is uniglobalism using the freedom of the individual as an excuse to shackle the freedom of the nation?

The reason is that the individual left to himself is a pushover. He or she is atomised, isolated and insecure. Corporate society seduces and enslaves by dazzling the individual with the attractions of consumerism and hypnotises with an empty display of entertaining images. Individual resistance is futile when the corporate culture and ideology of consuming has consumed all resisting ideologies. The choice for the individual against such overwhelming odds is to end his or her opposition by making a buck out of bribery or choosing prison or death.

The freedom of the individual is a bogus or pretend freedom. People by themselves are incapable of fighting back against consumerist seduction and the associated interests of corporate greed.

Individuals in solidarity with other people bound by the humanistic values of community and culture can however take on and defeat any imperialist superpower as the nation of Vietnam proved against the industrial military complex that is the United States of America.

For uniglobalism to succeed, nationalism not just in Scotland but everywhere on earth must be destroyed and with it the only credible challenger to the globe-corp elitist system. A truly accountable and democratic United Nations.

Uniglobalists abuse the meaning of freedom so that the word comes to represent its direct opposite:~ slavery. Terms like Free Trade, Free Enterprise and Freedom of the Individual are ideological traps for the unwary. For the uni-globalist, so-called Political Freedom is a privilege handed down from above in exchange for the chains of economic serfdom, it is a short term contracted commodity.

For the Nationalist, freedom is self-determination from an organisational need as basic as life needs:~ food, water, air and shelter required to sustain human existence.

The present so-called Scottish Parliament is not an exercise in self-determination. The Scottish people had little say in determining the type of Parliament they were asked to vote upon. The form of the question put was derived by Westminster politicians after a Westminster General Election. Independence was not even an option. The Scottish Parliament is part of a devolving process, not a self-determined one.

Power devolved is power retained by the centre and that means the English dominated politicians in the palace of Westminster. The Scottish Parliament is a constitutional sham. It pretends to derive its authority from the vote of the Scottish people at the Devolution Referendum in September 1997 but in reality this so-called Parliament exists as the whim of the present Tony Blair led New Labour government.

The doctrine of Westminster parliamentary sovereignty means that a majority party in the British Parliament can do what it sees fit at any time. There is no constitutional guarantee or Bill of Rights preserving the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish people may be sovereign in theory but in British Parliamentary law, they have no rights whatsoever and their precious Scottish Parliament can be legislated out of existence in an instant. What it may be wondered will the British law abiding Scottish Parliamentarians do should their Parliament be written out of existence with a stroke of a pen?

In contrast, self-determination means that the Scottish people take the right to organise themselves any way they wish. At one time the Scottish National Party recognised this. A REAL Independence Party which the SNP no longer is, campaigns for and asks the Scottish people for a mandate to become the Independent Government of Scotland. On obtaining that mandate at a United Kingdom General Election, the SNP withdraws from Westminster like Sinn Fein in Ireland before it, and sets up a Provisional Government in Scotland which negotiates total Independence from Westminster and then, and only then, puts the negotiated agreement to a referendum of the Scottish people.

A real Scottish National Party does not collaborate with Westminster imposed schemes of Devolution with their party list jokes of Proportional Representation designed specifically to ensure a permanent British Unionist majority in Scotland.

Alex Salmond and the SNP leadership know that the SNP can not be both a Nationalist Independence Party and a European Regionalist Devolutionist Party, they have made their choice and they are fobbing off SNP activists with the forlorn hope that one day, never, they will form a Devolutionary majority in Scotland, in another four years and another four years and then, maybe, they will be allowed a referendum which, maybe, might, vote for Independence. The SNP might even become as successful as Canada’s Parti Quebecois which has already played out the SNP leaderships best case scenario but given the increasing uni-globular ideological domination of the mass media, it is doubtful to say the least. Quebec like Scotland is still not free, parliaments or no.

Even if the SNP manage to secure a slim majority, some “moral” excuse will be selected for a NATO intervention force to crush any expression of individual identity contrary to uniglobular sameness. Any which way it is looked at, the Devolutionary road to Independence is a dead-end.

To secure any future for Scotland, the SNP must cease to collaborate with Devolutionary Unionism. The SNP should withdraw from both Westminster (immediately) and Hollyrood (progressively) and send its MSP’s and MP’s back to their constituencies, where, using the moral authority of their electoral mandate, they should work to organise the creation locally of the social and economic and indeed military militia structures on which real self-determination depends. Only then can a truly National Revolution in Scotland begin.

People around the world are seeking to overthrow and reconstruct the existing political order. Many need look no futher than one of America’s founding documents for inspiration.

“When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to dissolve the bands which have connected them with one another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation.”

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