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There have been an increasing number of strange references to Siol nan Gaidheal in the Press and elsewhere of late. Readers of the Sunday Times on the 15th April 2001 may have been amused to a reference to an elderly file on the site, the Black List, kindly refreshed in the public's attention in case anyone had missed it. And now, this morning, we have received the e-mail reproduced below in its entirety. Read through, then see below for comments.

This message is sent to you by anonymous remailer by a friend of liberty who has a friend with direct access to Government documents which relate to SNG, which I have seen.

Your group is one of 6 Scottish groups to be banned in May - others include PI, SFI, SSG and SNLA. The SRSM may not be banned because it is allied to the SSP and they have an MSP.

The new PTA was introduced by Blair to outlaw domestic dissidents. He has only used it thus far to outlaw overseas groups.

The reason is that a ban on domestic dissidents will raise an outcry from civil rights advocates and the public.

So the plan is to ban all the domestic groups as soon as there is a major outrage which will give the Government a plausible excuse.

That outrage will come in the Anarchist riots which are planned right throughout London on Tuesday May 1st. The Government expects rioting and major, major destruction of property in London by the Monopoly Game Anarchists.

Immediately afterwards, Straw will ban Monopoly Game, RTS, ALF, several Anarchist groups and others. They deserve it.

But he will also use the occasion to ban other groups including SNG who are just political dissidents, not terrorists.

The plans were made weeks ago. Your members will be arrested and charged, literature, materials, and funds will be confiscated, even your web site will be taken over by warrants under the RIP Act.

The reason is they can arrest anyone found in possession of literature, materials and funds, even a signature on a bank account is enough to send you down.

Website will have IP addresses, as will your forum. Sending an e-mail to the web site or a message to the forum is an offence as it is expressing support for "terrorism".

The warrants are all there, provisionally drawn up but not dated or signed.

You were set up. Carlos Alba, who normally works for the Daily Record, planted a story in the Sunday Times about intimidation of a businessman on April 15th. The Sunday Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the Government's media backer and supporter.

PI and SFI will be banned because they are linked to you via a webring, links to your web site, by e-mailing you, and through the forum.

You can wait and appeal. It will fail and those who lodge the appeal will get extra time behind bars.

You can change your organisation's name. It won't work. The ban will just be extended to the new name.

Your only hope is to totally destroy all evidence of membership and activities, delete the website and forum, the e-mails and e-mail accounts, and before May 1st announce officially that you are disbanding.

This way you lose everything. But you will lose it all anyway. But this way at least you save your membership.

This info 100% accurate.

God bless you.

Whistleblower for Scottish Freedom

This message has been sent via an anonymous mail relay at

A fascinating little scenario, and one which the truly paranoid might just conceive of the Control Freak and his friends as having come up with. However, a little thought about this, and the plot becomes clear. If we're wrong, and it is a plot of central government, then so long, and farewell! At least you have read the script before it happened! Just who might benefit from the actions described in the e-mail though, assuming that the government is not involved (as we do). Three of the groups are linked - us, Priority Independence, and Scots For Independence. Meetings have taken place between the representatives of these groups, and broadly the aims are the same - a peaceful move towards a free and independent Scotland. These 3 sites are also among the premier Scottish Independence sites on the Net, have been around for some time, and tend to be trusted by their readers and adherents. What of the other two named, though? The SSG and SNLA (one pathetic little site, whose 'web counter' appears to increase in multiple of 100 rather than the conventional one hit at a time). Whose site advocates the collection of information on 'immigrants' to Scotland. Whose site has in the past threatened a campaign against a wee laddie whose main crime would appear to be choosing the University of St Andrews in which to study. Whose site is run by the quisling, Busby, whose bottle crashed when accused of spray-painting an MOD lorry in Berwick, who went "on the run" and who currently resides in a dingy little Dublin flat, location known to any journalist worth their salt. So whose site would benefit from the proposed mass shut-down of the main sites which advocate a reasoned and rational approach to Scottish Independence? We're not stupid, we do not assume our readers are stupid, and we'll leave you to figure it out...

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