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Half-time result: Uni Globe 1 - Germany 0

Party time! Has the economic miracle Wirtschaftswunder returned to Germany? It would seem so. In Frankfurt, the Stock Exchange has surged 300 points, the Euro has risen two points against the US dollar, champagne corks are popping and fat cigars (not from Havana you'll understand) are being exchanged and puffed gleefully by European Central Bankers and the chieftains of International Finance.

Not quite! For the German people the celebration is premature.Four and a half million Germans are on the dole, this represents 11.6% of the working population, a situation not seen since the days prior to Adolf Hitler seizing power in January 1933. German productivity is low while wage rates are high and uncompetitive. For instance, hourly labour costs in the western part of Germany average 16.40 per hour compared to just 9.80 in the UK. Bild, Germany's leading tabloid newspaper has recently described Germany as the "sick man of Europe".

The real reason for the Liberal Capitalist celebration was not the economic success of a turnaround in the German economy but jubilation at the scalping of one man, the standard bearer of the Green Allied Social Democratic Party (SDP), Left "Red" Oskar La Fontaine, the German finance minister.

LaFontaine's departure may be a result of his genuine wish to see more of his wife and young son or, more likely, he may have been pushed. Rumours that evidence of his connection with the Stasi, the former East German secret police, were about to be published may have forced his hand. Then again, any German politician over a certain age probably has connections with one or other of the intelligence agencies of the previous two Germanys. Whatever way the manipulation runs, Red Oskar is out of power.

England's Tony Blair talks about a third way between old style socialism and the unfettered free markets of the Anglo-American corporate system which uses insecurity and blatant brutality to keep labour costs low.

Oskar La Fontaine went beyond rhetoric and attempted to enact the third way. Jobs, jobs and jobs was the battle cry in Germany. La Fontaine attempted to force the fashion conscious designer clad German chancellor Gerhard Schroder to lead a Keynesian tax and spend crusade to obtain secure and meaningful employment for the German working and middle classes. The pragmatic chancellor turned out to be no crusader. Instead, he would allow La Fontaine enough rope to hang himself and become a warning to further advocates of the third way. Like Tony Blair in the UK, Gerhard Schroder will try any which way but the third way to stay in power.

Oskar La Fontaine attempted to organise Germany's once powerful trade unions and labour organisations into a state sponsored assault force against Germany's corporate culture.The new German SDP/Green coalition would tax German and international capital, protect wages and working conditions and force the new European Central Bank to cut Euro interest rates to boost the German economy. A strong federal but democratically controlled Europe would regulate business and re-establish the German inspired Social Capitalist model rather than the Anglo-American free market corporate system.

Oskar La Fontaine's ideological third way death ray succeeded in uniting the forces of uni-globular reaction against both his leadership and the German people. The man who co-wrote a book "Don't fear Globalism" had underestimated his opposition.

La Fontaine's crusade alienated a powerful coalition that included Germany's employers, the Bundesbank, the "British" and the Americans as well as Europe's new Central Bankers.

As an individual, and albeit new age, or should it be third way, political and economic patriot, Red Oskar was utterly crushed by the Uniglobers. However, by their enthusiastic elimination of Oskar La Fontaine, the uniglobers have exposed themselves and their one world system to the media and public of, arguably, Europe's most powerful nation.

The real third way is the nationalist way. The Nationalist way involves world wide co-operation of free national and cultural communities against the economic chains and slavery of the self-appointed, undemocratic social and economic aristocracy of the uni-globular elite.

Germany, Scotland and the national mosaic that is Europe must resist the road to a future world dominated firstly by three power blocks America, Europe and China and ultimately by a one-world uniglobular corporate dictatorship.

It is for Scotland, it is for Germany, it is for ALL free united nations that we stand. Our Siol nan Gaidheal vision is clear. It is for freedom, democracy and economic independence that we in Scotland and the citizens of the free world must fight.

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