Siol nan Gaidheal
National Executive Meeting
dated 23rd Sept. 1999


Motions submitted by National Organiser: Siol nan Gaidheal to become a political party.

If motion accepted, name to be altered to read: Siol nan Gaidheal, Scottish Independence Party.

If motion accepted, immediate appeal to membership worldwide to raise funds for campaign. Target figure set at £50,000. initially. (explained)

Initial draft of new manifesto to be read out and adopted or amended.

Immediate review of membership and a short leet of prospective candidates selected in order that “working committee” be established.

At exactly 11:45pm, votes were taken and the results were as follows:

Acceptance of motions Yes 10 votes
Rejection of motions No 12 votes


The motions proposed by National Organiser were denied. The deciding factor for denial being that insufficient time has passed to make any true judgement on the performance of the Scottish National Party and their role in so-called “Scottish Parliament”. It was also felt that until the SNP’s strategy anent independence is known to us, it is extremely difficult to assess their worthiness or lack of to represent the people of Scotland.

Siol nan Gaidheal National Executive Committee accepted an alternative motion put forward by National Organiser:

That SnG NEC should reconvene this assembled group exactly one year from today and vote again on the same motions:

Acceptance of motions Yes 22 votes

Further motion that a “political working party” be set up immediately to draw up a manifesto & research funding for a political campaign.

Acceptance of motions Yes 22 votes


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