Siol nan Gaidheal

A Gaelic Primer

A simple introduction to the Gaelic Language:
The Gaelic language is thousands of years old and at one time was the main language of Scotland. It is a very beautiful language with it's own tone and rhythm. The Gaelic alphabet uses only 18 letters, but has a way of placing them to make all the sounds clear to the listener. Gaelic also has a little known secret called a helper vowel, one that is pronounced but not written. Gaelic also has a way of changing the sounds and spelling of a word, this is one of reasons you will see the same word written differently, another is that are different dialects of Gaelic and other reasons for the change in spelling.

Above are links to a few basic lessons in Gaelic. These will be added to as time goes on, to build up to a comprehensive Gaelic Primer.

The following is a list of Gaelic words, with a few phrases and their translations, along with some keys to their pronunciation.

Agus- and.
Alba- Scotland, pronounced Ala-pa, not Al-ba.
Albannach- Scotsman.
Airson - for.
A-Nis - now.
Ar - our.
Chairdean - friends.
Charaid - friend.
Choir - dear.
Failte - welcome.
Fien-Riaghladh - independence.
Gael - the english spelling of Gaidheal.
Gaidheal - highlander or Gaelic speaker.
Gaidhlig - Gaelic language.
Gu Brath - For ever, the [th] is silent.
Latha - day.
Math - good, the [th] is silent.
Mo - my.
Moran Taing - thank you.
Sasunnach - englishman.
Saor - free, the [R] is rolled and is pronounced more like the letter [D].
Saorsa - freedom.
Siol - seed or descendants.
Slainte - health.
Thig - come.

Siol Nan Gaidheal - seed of the Gaels.
Saor Alba - Free Scotland.
Saorsa A-Nis - Freedom now.
Alba Gu Brath - Scotland forever.
Mo Chairdean Choir - my dear friends.
Slainte Mhath - good health [to you].
Thig Ar Latha - our day will come.

Our thanks to Leam for this contribution

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