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19 GEORGE 11, CHAP. 39, SEC. 17, 1746

'That from and after the first day of August, One thousand, seven hundred and forty-seven, no man or boy within that part of Great Britain called Scotland, other than such as shall be employed as Officers and Soldiers in His Majesty's Forces, shall, on any pretext whatever, wear or put on the clothes commonly called Highland clothes (that is to say) the Plaid, Philabeg, or little Kilt, Trouse, Shoulder-belts, or any part whatever of what peculiarly belongs to the Highland Garb; and that no tartan or partly-coloured plaid or stuff shall be used for Great Coats or upper coats, and if any such person shall presume after the said first day of August, to wear or put on the aforesaid garments or any part of them, every such person so offending......shall be liable to be transported to any of His Majesty's plantations beyond the seas, there to remain for the space of seven years'.


Our understanding of the concept of The Law concerns the creation of laws by the people, for the people, in order to protect their liberties and to enshrine their historic rights. In everyday effect the defining of The Law should guard its cultural integrity jealously, dynamically aligning itself in accordance with indigenous sensibilities, priorities, traditions and usages.

Certain finite areas of our legal tradition may claim unbroken transmission; surviving even the years of shame. In others less sound, our task of renewal concerns the exclusion of those concepts and notions which reflect the unnatural relationship of three hundred years with our most effective enemy. Pusillanimous sycophancy and the personal pragmatic machinations of generations of traitors have left a great deal of diseased tissue which must be identified and removed in order to allow the new healthy growth, which will result from full Cultural Renewal.

We anticipate the time when our Law, in spirit and in substance, will again resonate congruently with the lives of our people, while offering cold comfort to our internal or external enemies.

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