Siol nan Gaidheal has watched with dismay the latest underhand actions from the Labour Party, and the lack of an appropriate response from the SNP. We have been subjected to the dubious reports from so-called Scots business people about their "concerns" and opposition to Scottish Independence. We in Siol nan Gaidheal strongly feel that these "concerns" are no more than scaremongering and have more to do with supporting Unionist policies than a true reflection on how businesses will perform in an independent Scotland. Siol nan Gaidheal now feels that it is time that the hundreds of thousands of Scottish Nationalists began to show their disapproval of these odious tactics, and the simple way of doing this is to Boycott these firms and individuals who would use their position in business to meddle in politics. We strongly advocate that true Scots DO NOT use any service provided by the following and if they have not already done so, please cancel all orders placed with these firms:

Optical Express..........Opticians
DX Communications..........Mobile Phones
Direct Holidays..........Travel Agent
C R Smith..........Double Glazing
The Daily Record.........."Newspaper!!!"
The Sunday Mail.........."Newspaper!!!"
Capital Bank..........Finance Institution
Volvo Motors..........Vehicle Manufacturers

The individuals involved in this political underhandedness are as follows:

Brian DempseySL Group
Brian GildaPeoples Ltd
David Moulsdale
David MurrayMurray International Holdings
Gavin NicholsonThe Realise Group
Gerald Eadie
Ian McAteerThe Union Advertising Agency Ltd
James Whale
Jeremy Paxman
Jimmy MilneThe Balmoral Group
John Boyle
John Fortune-FraserTube Developments Ltd
John McGuirePhoenix Car Company
John MilliganAtlantic Power
Jonathan King
Matt ThomsonThomson Litho
Michelle MoneMJM International
Murdo MacLeodM & K MacLeod
Nick NairnNairns Restaurant
Richard Emmanuel
Taylor Ferguson
Tim Waterston
Tom HunterTBH Trading
Willie HaugheyCity Refrigeration

This list will be added to as more quislings come to light, it will also be our task to list alternative pro-Scottish Firms & Organisations who provide like services in order that your needs may still be met.

Siol nan Gaidheal believes that this is one of the most scurrilous of Labour's attempts to undermine the growing confidence of the Scottish people, these are the types who would rather we remained second-class citizens in this so-called Great Britain. We, however, firmly believe that they are more concerned about the loss of ENGLISH customers and their cash rather than any true concern about the future of Scotland and its business community. We urge our people to take up this cause in order that we show that we can "flex our muscles" as well as the Labour Party and its minions.


This list was placed on the site back in 1998 or thereabouts, and was based on information current at the time. We would like to express our gratitude to the Sunday Times of 15th April 2001, for reminding us that it was still here, by featuring its contents in an article by the pseudonymous Carlos Alba.

Another wee update, of 150 names, this time kindly supplied by the North British Person, in the form of an advert taken out by some 150 alleged business people who hate Scotland so much that they wish us to remain tied to Westminster, with all that this entails. April 2007 - here we go:

George Adam, The Presentation Business
Jim Adamson, Speakeasy Productions
Charles Allen, Grandmet Management LLP and former CEO, ITV
Kevin Ashcroft, Online Computer Developments
Bob Baldry, OceanBlue Consulting Ltd
Hew Balfour, Chief Executive, Havelock Europa
Peter Balfour, former chairman and CEO of Scottish and Newcastle and former vice-chair of Royal Bank of Scotland Group.
Duncan Bannatyne
David Begg, director, Portobello Partnership
Andrew Black, Andrew Black Haulage
Douglas Boyle, Brown Bros Printers
Paul Boyd, Polar Flame Music
James Boyle, Aqua Car Wash
Les Brodie, LBT Logistics
David Braddock, ECEBS Ltd
Hilary Braidwood, Hectic Life
Donald Brydon
Jackie Buchan, AL Property Ltd
Sir Peter Burt
Finlay Calder, former captain, British Lions
Alistair Cameron, Claverhouse Group
David Cameron, managing director, Connect Communications
Brian Christie, Malt Mill
John Corcoran, St Andrews College Summer Schools Ltd
Anthony Curtis, Neat Heat
George Curtis, Thermal Innovations (UK) Ltd
Brian Dempsey, entrepreneur
John Dargan, chief executive, Worldmark International
William Dinkle, Norab Services Ltd
Paul Doherty, Palisade Properties
Liam Donnelly , Wm Donnelly & Co Ltd
Matt Donnelly, Atkinson Donnelly Ltd
David Dunn, director 442 Design
Dr Abid Faquir, dental surgeon
Rube Fernando, Ardmel Group Ltd
Bruce Findlay, Schoolhouse Management
Brian Gilda, People's Ford Ltd
Charan Gill, entrepreneur
Stewart Gilmour, Gilmour Sports
Lord Gordon of Strathblane
David Gordon, Windsave
Andrew Grant, Future Comm International Ltd
Frank Gunning, Gunning Mechanical Electrical
Vincent Harkins, Aspen Solutions
Willie Haughey, City Refrigeration Holdings
Gary Pettigrew, Healthcare Environmental Services Ltd
Mark Hedley, Scotchem Ltd
Jim Henry, Henry Brothers Ltd
Peter Jacobs
Andrew Juroszek, Glentanar bar
Billy Keane, Robert Wiseman Dairies
James Kean, Ferrari Packaging Ltd
Nasim Khan, Fine Fuel Co Ltd
John Robertson, Kilbride Construction Ltd
Paul Kean, Kildonan Livestock Ltd
Mark Horner, Kildonan Leisure Ltd
Billy Kirkwood, RDK Construction
Akmal Kuski, entrepreneur
Sir Alan Langlands
James Lamb, Maitlands
Frank Laurie, managing director, Clark Stephen
Lord Stanley Leitch
Akbar Ali Mien, Logo Fashion
Surjeet Singh Legha, MD Concept Solutions Ltd
Bob McAlpine, Hydrasun
Kenny Kemp
Kieran McCahill, Ferrymill Motors
Andrew McCree, AEA Technology
Lord Macdonald of Tradeston
Willie McEwan, McEwan Decor
Hal McGhie, Border Construction Ltd
Tom McGhee, Spark of Genius
Martin McGinty, Milton Press
Jim McGuighan, Cleartec Water Solutions Ltd
Frank Maguire, senior partner, Thompsons
John McGuire, Pheonix Mitsubishi
Martin McHugh, Martec
Raymond MacHugh, Keywest Design
Allan McIntosh, McIntosh Plumbers
Ken Mackinnon, Compass
Robert McLarey, Morris & Spottiswood Ltd
Colin McLatchie, Prescient
Murdoch Maclennan, Chief Executive, Telegraph Media Group
Duncan McLeod, YouTrain Ltd
Angus MacMillan, West Minch Salmon
Gavin McNaughton, Macplants
Alistair McNeill, Aquamac
David Reid
Richard Marsh, Tritech International Limited
Maitland Mackie, Mackies of Scotland
Archie Meikle, Ashwood Scotland
John Milligan
George Mitchell, former Governor, Bank of Scotland
Nosheen Mobarik, director, M Computer Technologies
Michelle Mone, MJM International
James Mortimer, Lynnet Leisure
David Murray, Murray International Holdings
GE Murray, GE Murray Insurance Services
Gavin Nicholson, entrepreneur
John Oliver, Olivers
Helen O'Rourke, Oasis Catering
Alex Osborne, Burnside TV and Video
Kenny Paton, Paton Entertainment Agency
Graeme Peddieson, Prestige Independent Catering
Jim Pollock, Star Electric
Sir William Purvis
Narveed Qaisar, AAA International
Owen Quinn, Blairs of Scotland
Abdul Qadar, Ramzan and Sons
MT Rainey, founder Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe
Maq Rasul, Global DVD
Lord Robertson of Port Ellen
Mike Ross
Ann Rushforth, Chief Executive, Scotnursing
Bill Rutherford, Powerwall Systems Limited
David Sandison, Lawford Kidd
Steve Sampson, Media Adviser
Jane Saren, Saren Dixon Partnership
Alan Savage, Orion Project Services Ltd
Devin Scobie, Caledonia Consulting
Edward Shamash, Galloway Eggs Ltd
Satay Singh, MS Namana Ltd
Andy Smillie, A&S Scaffolding
David Sole
Jim Spowart,, founder, Direct Line Financial Services, Intelligent Finance and Standard Life Bank
Alan Stewart, Stewart McKenna Ltd
George Stewart, Stewart Homes
Donald Storrie
David Sutherland, Tulloch Group
Phil Smith, TSD Production Group Ltd
Craig Stevenson, Braehead Foods
Jim Tait, Tait Communications
Alison Taylor, Alan Watt Consulting
John Taylor, AJ Taylor Consulting
Peter Taylor, Peter Taylor Consultancy
Peter Taylor, The Townhouse Company
Markus Teifenbrun, Castle Precision Engineering Ltd
Brian Tennershill, McSence
Stewart Howie, TMS Ltd
Richard Walker
Bob Watson, Newgate Technical Ltd
Fred Watt
Iain Watt, chief executive, IGI
John Weir, Weir Tarmacadam
David Wilson, Drummond Miller
Joe Woods, Quality Ceilings
Andrew Wright, Long Life Solutions
David Young, Deeview Homes, Ltd
Gordon Young, Historic Connections
Eric Yule, Prestongrange roofing
Morag Yule, Party Express
John McCulloch, managing partner, Oneworld Alliance

It may rapidly become apparent that only about a dozen of these are actually well-known names, the others in the main appear to be nonentities. However, if there's a chance of avoiding using any of their business's then please feel free to boycott them!

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