The death of James 1

"Here folowing begynnythe a full lamentable cronycle, of the dethe and false murdure of James Stewarde, Kyng of Scotys, nought long agone prisoner yn Englande, the tymes of the Kyngs Henrye the Fifte and Henrye the Sixte. From a manuscript written in MCCCCXL."

This manuscript was published in Glasgow in 1818, taken from a manuscript written around 1440 in London. There is evidence that this was an English work in some of the wording: "The Kyng of Scottes hade leve enlagissid, and had saufecondit of his maistir the kyng of England, (for so the Kyng of Scottes clyped him,) to return safe and sownde ayene ynto his region of Scotteland."

Regardless of its provenance it's an interesting little story of the murder at Blackfriars and the aftermath.



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