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Places To Visit in Scotland

These pages are my personal tribute to Jackie Stokes, former National Organiser of Siol nan Gaidheal Mk2 and Mk3. Many trips were made by members of Siol Mark 2 to rediscover their heritage, and this project was one of the last web site updates we discussed prior to his untimely death on 24th July 2001. The old Siol magazine had made a start to this project, and it was felt that this should now be updated and placed on the site as part of our cultural remit.

This does not pretend to be in any way a comprehensive list. It is, however, sufficiently large to be split into four alphabetical sections. It contains cities, towns, and villages, plus other places of interest such as castles and museums. If there is somewhere you wish to be featured which is not listed here, write a brief precis and forward it to the webmaster, marking clearly that your e-mail refers to this section. No promises are made on how long these may take to be incorporated into the lists!

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