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Post-Election Statement


The 2001 June Elections are now over. Once again the hopes and aspirations of Scottish nationalists lie in tatters. Hear the Unionists crow, watch the smirks from the Labourites, listen for the sniggers and the laughter behind your back, prepare to be the butt of victorious Labourite jokes. Yes, once again the nationalist electorate have been betrayed by the SNP's plastic politicians. Threats, Bullying, Smears, Expulsions, Rumours of Mismanagement, Victimisation, Isolation, Ignorance, etc. Are we talking of Siol nan Gaidheal here? Alas NO!! This is the SNP, 2001 Style. This is Swinneyism and Gradualism.

These are the reasons why the SNP took a hammering at the polls, these are the reasons why thousands of Scottish nationalists elected to stay at home rather than elect any more Gradualists like Swinney and his crowd of losers. SnG more than anyone predicted this outcome. Having been around the nationalist scene for more years than most, we saw the approach of Gradualism and the inherent dangers, we warned that the "gift" of a Scottish Parliament was merely a ruse to undermine the rise in support for Scottish Independence.

And we advised the SNP from taking part in what would prove to be the beginning of the end for the nationalist cause. Many in the SNP hierarchy jumped at the chance of playing politics in this Westminster 'talking shop', they wanted to be seen as "big fish in a small pool", and of course being paid handsomely for their acting classes.

We have now seen the results. There are no excuses, William Hague led the Tories down a similar path but had the grace to resign, will John Swinney show the same integrity and do the honourable thing? NOT A CHANCE! Swinney and his useless cohorts will now offer every excuse they can think of, they will attempt to convince us that this was not a disaster, they will make countless promises that things will get better? THEY WILL NOT!

Since Alex Salmond's retirement (sic), we have seen the new SNP's way of operating and WE DON'T LIKE IT. SnG believes the rot had set in prior to Salmond's departure and he is not entirely blameless. Swinney and his Gradualist quango cannot avoid the blame and the shame and now must pay the price for their rank policies and administration. The SNP needs to be purged of its quangos and of its unionist tendencies and returned to the safekeeping of real Scottish nationalists who believe in and will campaign for the policies that made the SNP the second strongest party in Scotland, its first and foremost priority must be Scottish Independence at any price!

Now is the time to make your protest felt, now is the time to make this VOTE count, now is the time for real Scottish nationalists to band together in a last ditch effort to save our party from disappearing completely at the hands of these pseudo-nationalists.




The petition collected almost 1100 signatures. It was felt, however, that this did not represent a true accounting of the feeling inherent in Nationalists. Despite having constructed the petition to remain as anonymous as possible, this in fact probably detracted from the value of the petition, and it is felt that due to this the SNP would be able to just ignore it. Our thanks to all those true nationalists who went to the trouble of participating in this venture. You know who you are.

SnG NEC 13 August 2001

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