Ex-National Organiser leaves Siol nan Gaidheal


It is our duty to inform our members, friends and supporters that Jackie Stokes, founder and National Organiser of Siol nan Gaidheal has left the organisation. We were aware of Jackie's wishes when he decided to step down from his role as National Organiser but he agreed with our request that he withhold the announcement of his decision to leave the organisation completely until we had alternative arrangements in place. Jackie's decision has come about due to the increased workload that has accrued due to the continuing success of our group and his reluctance to assume any further responsibilities. Prior to leaving Jackie undertook to carry out a series of interviews of prospective members in order that we can delegate some of the workload that he had managed over the past three years and which no other single member would or could attempt to emulate. Naturally we see Jackie's departure as something of an end of an era but it must be said that we have learned much from him and it is hoped that we can now put that training into effect. We in SnG wish Jackie well in all he does and hope that whatever he takes on next will be less onerous than running an operation such as Siol nan Gaidheal. Meantime we will of course need a bit of time to re-organise even more in order that we can provide the same level of service as hithertofore, we will be re-introducing the SnG forum as soon as possible and a few other goodies, we ask you to bear with us until everything sorts itself out. Please do not send any messages to Jackie via the feedback e-mail address as this has now been transferred to the new National Organiser. We will also be informing you of the new P.O.Box address just as soon as we can, again we ask you to refrain from sending letters to the old address as these will only lie there gathering dust. As they say, "Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible"

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Siol nan Gaidheal National Executive Committee.

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