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Scottish Land Conflicts

It is interesting to note the extent to which Anglo-Saxon revisionism in history is facilitated by the tendency to destroy the primary historical sources of their enemies. Thus we see how the vandalism of Edward I has allowed speculation based on records compiled by sources hostile to Scotland to be treated as fact by historians English by prejudice and disposition. For example the feudal submission of Kings of Scots to Anglo-Norman kings of England is attested by very few documents, mostly charters issued in the name of the King of Scots at Durham, where they are stored and thereby have not been destroyed. These charters are of debatable authenticity, this is not something to trouble our anglophile historian though. In fact the only primary source we have managed to find which is not obviously biased or hostile is the register of Dunfermline, which records that the King of Scots only ever did homage to the King of England for lands he held in England and explicitly exempted Scotland from this homage owing homage for Scotland "to God alone". This position was strenuously maintained under pressure from the bishop of Norwich. So we see that one purpose for the vandalism which has destroyed Scotland's primary sources prior to 1296 is to allow the English to make up whatever history they like to legitimise their imperialism. This record did exist - modern scholarship reveals that Fordoun worked from 4 main sources when compiling his chronicle, these sources now sadly no longer extant. Anyway, on to our point... in order to counter Anglo-Saxon revisionism we think it would be a good idea to compile a register or catalogue of the English acts of vandalism which have so degraded native primary sources for our history. We think that this task would be best done by some sympathetic professional historian (we are mere laymen in this regard) but we have compiled as exhaustive a list of land conflicts in Scotland as we could as a starting point, since a land conflict might point to an occasion when some records were destroyed.

Year: Date: Battle:
84 Mons Graupius, Aberdeenshire (Romans invasion of Scotland) - Agricola beats Calgacus
125 Hadrian's Wall built
184 circa Ulpius Marcellus defeats some tribes from Central Scotland along the Wall
306 York region (Constantius I campaign against the Picts and Scots)
333 Romans begin pulling troops from Britain and abandon work on Hadrian's Wall
342 Picts attack the protected territories north of Hadrian's Wall
360 Picts and Scots (Irish) cross Hadrian's Wall and attack Roman Forces in Britain
542 Glen Water, Ayrshire - King Arthur victorious
560 Dalriada, Lorn - King Brude regains control of the area
573 Lora, Kintyre - Duncan MacCongail defeated
578 Isle of Jura, Argyllshire - Scots v Britons?
590 Leithreid, Sutherland - Aidan victorious
596 Ratho near Edinburgh - Aidan victorious
596 Ardsendoin - Aidan victorious
600 near Chirchind - Aidan defeated by the Picts
600 near Corinnie, Aberdeenshire - Aidan defeated by the Picts
600 Catraeth (Catterick?) - 300 Edinburgh horsemen killed by English
603-85 Battles of Northumbria
603 Degsastan or Daegestan (Dawston in Liddesdale?), Roxburgh
621 Cindelgthen, Argyllshire - clan war
627 Ardacorain, Kintyre - clan war
629 Faedhaeoin, Scotland - Conadh Kerr beaten by Rigullan
634 Calathros, Stirlingshire
635 Seguise, Perthshire - Nectan family beaten by Garnait
638 Glenmarreston, near Edinburgh, Merioneth (Angles beat the Scots)
642 December; Strathcarron, Stirlingshire
685 20th May; Dunnichen Moss nr Forfar
710 Carron River - Picts beaten
711 Loch Arklet, Stirlingshire - Scots victorious over Britons
717 Minvircc, Perthshire - Scots beat the Britons
719 Finglen, Dunbartonshire
727 Irroisfoichnae, Argyllshire
727-9 Monacrib, Perthshire - long running local clan war
728 Caislen Crathi - clan war
729-30 Montcarno, Moray - clan war
730 12th August; Dromaderg Blathmig, Angus - Picts beaten
734 Unrecorded battle - Talorgan beat Brudi
736 Cnuicc Coipri - local clans
737 Unidentified clan battle
739 Dalriada - clan warfare
739 Twini Onirbre - clan warfare
742 Dunadd, Caithness - Scots beaten by MacFergus
743 Droma Cathvaoil - clan warfare
744 Mugdock, Dunbartonshire - Angus beats the Britons
746 Catho - Welsh beat the Picts
752 Sreith, Kincardineshire - quarrel between the Picts
756 Alcluith, Dumbarton - Britons defeated
763 Fortren - site unidentified
786 First Viking Raids
788 Unrecorded site - Constantine I beats MacTeige
836 Ayr, Ayrshire - Kenneth I beaten by the Britons
839 Unrecorded site (Danish Invasion) - Danes beat Eogan
875 Dollar (Danish Invasion of Scotland)
877 Crail, Fife (Danish Invasion) - Danes beat the Scots
900 Forres
902 Holme (or The Holm) (Danish Invasion) - Danes victorious
903 Dunkeld, Perthshire (Danish Invasion) - Danes victorious over Scottish King
904 Forteviot, Perthshire (Danish Invasion) - Scottish King beats Danes
904 circa Scone, Perthshire (Danish Invasion) - Scottish King beats Danes
913-6? Corbridge, Northumberland Constantine III of Scotland beats Ragnall
921 Tynemoore, Northumberland (Danish Invasion) - Danes beaten by Scottish king
941 Tyninghame, East Lothian (Danish Invasion) - Danes beaten by the Saxons
942 Unidentified site - Saxons victorious
953 "Bloody Pots" (Gamrie), Banffshire (Danish Invasion) - Danes beaten
954 Fetteresso, Kincardineshire - local battle
961 The Bands (Danish Invasion of Scotland)
961 Cullen, Moray (Danish Invasion of Scotland) - Danes beaten
965 Drumcrob, Perthshire - local battle
967 Forres, Moray - local battle
973 Luncarty, Perthshire (Danish Invasion of Scotland) - King Kenneth II defeats the Danes
977 Skida Moor, Caithness - local battle
997 Rathinveramon, Perthshire - local battle
100*? Skidhamyrr, Caithness - Norsemen attack Scots
1004/5 Monnivaird (or Monzievaird), Perthshire - local battle
1006 Durham - Malcolm, King of Scotland victorious
1008 Forres, Moray - local battle
1009-12 Danish Invasion
1009 Kinloss (Danish invasion of Scotland)
1009 Nairn (Danish Invasion of Scotland)
1010 Mortlach, Aberdeenshire (Danish Invasion) - King Malcolm II defeats the Danes
1010 St Bride, Lanarkshire (Danish Invasion) - King Malcolm II defeats the Danes
1010 Camuston, Moray (Danish Invasion) - King Malcolm II defeats the Danes
1010 Buchan, Moray (Danish Invasion) - Scots defeats the Danes
1010 Slains Castle, Aberdeenshire (Danish Invasion) - Scots defeats the Danes
1010 Brechin, Fifeshire (Danish Invasion) - Scots defeats the Danes
1016 Coldstream, Berwickshire - local battle
1016 Carham on River Tweed, Northumberland (Scottish National War)
1026 Holy River (?)
1031 King Cnut the Dane invades the North East in order to protect it from the Scots
1040 Elgin, Moray - Macbeth beats Duncan
1040 Thurso, Caithness - local clan battle
1054 Dunsinane Hill, Perthshire (Anglo-Saxons v Macbeth)
1057 15th August; Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire (Malcolm kills MacBeth)
1058 Essie, Aberdeenshire - Malcolm Canmore defeats Lulach
1092 13th November; Alnwick I (Alnwic) (Anglo-Scottish War)
1094 Unknown - Donald III deposed
1097 Unknown - Donald II beaten by Malcolm
1130 Inchbare, Angus - King David of Scotland beats the Earl of Moray
1136 Newcastle (Anglo-Scottish War)
1136 Carlisle, Cumberland (Anglo-Scottish War)
1138 22nd August; Northallerton (The Battle of the Standards), Yorkshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1156 6th January; Isle of Islay, Argyll - Danes defeated by Lord of the Isles
1160 Galloway - Fergus defeated by Malcolm IV of Scotland
1164 Renfrew (also called The Knock or Bloody Mire) (Anglo-Scottish War)
1173 Bowes Castle in Teesdale attacked by King William the Lion of Scotland
1174 13th June; Alnwick II, Northumberland (Anglo-Scottish War) - English victory - Treaty of Falaise
1185 1st January; Galloway - Roland beat Gilpatrick
1185 30th September; Galloway - Roland beat Gilcolm
1187 31st July; Mamgarvia Moor, Moray - MacWilliam beaten by William I of Scotland
1190 Battle of the Sheaves (or Corrnaigmore), Isle of Tiree, Argyll - locals beaten by the Danes
1196 River Oykell, Ross - William I of Scotland defeats Earl Harold
1196 Thurso, Caithness - William I of Scotland takes the castle
1215 Moray area - clan warfare
1235 Galloway area Thomas of Galloway defeated by Alexander I of Scotland
1249 Isle of Kerrera, Argyll
1261 Hebrides area - Norse invasion repelled by Earl of Ross
1262 Caithness, Isle of Skye and Isle of Lewis - King of Norway defeats locals
1263 Lorn invaded by Haco, King of the Norsemen, (Norse Invasion of Scotland)
1263 2nd October; Largs, Ayrshire (Norse Invasion of Scotland)
1296 Loudon Hill, Ayrshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1296 28th May; Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland (Anglo-Scottish War)
1296 23rd April; Spottismuir, East Lothian (Anglo-Scottish War)
1296 27th April; Dunbar I (Anglo-Scottish War)
1297 Sanquhar, Dumfries (Anglo-Scottish War)
1297 Dalswinton, Dumfries (Anglo-Scottish War)
1297 10th August; Lochmaben, Dumfries (Anglo-Scottish War)
1297 11th September; Stirling Bridge, Stirlingshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1298 22nd July; Falkirk I, Stirlingshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1300 Cree, Wigtownshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1303 24th February; Roslin, Edinburgh (Anglo-Scottish War)
1303 May; Stirling, Stirlingshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1304 February; Happrew, Midlothian (Anglo-Scottish War)
1306 19th June; Methuen (or Methven Park) (Anglo-Scottish War)
1306 13th July; Dalry, Ayrshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1306 early September; Kildrummy Castle (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 Turnberry, Ayrshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 9th February; Loch Ryan, Wigtownshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 March; Glentrool, Wigtownshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 8th May; Sanquhar (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 10th May; Loudon Hill, Ayrshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 13th May; Ayr, Ayrshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 Fail, Ayrshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 14th September; Paisley Forest, Renfrewshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 mid-November; Slioch, Huntly, Aberdeenshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1307 24th December; Barra Hill, Aberdeenshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1308 Inverurie (Anglo-Scottish War) (Victory for Robert the Bruce)
1308 August; Brander Pass, Argyll (Anglo-Scottish War)
1311 Corbridge, Northumberland (Anglo-Scottish War)
1311 Berwick, Northumberland (Anglo-Scottish War)
1311 Linlithgow, West Lothian (Anglo-Scottish War)
1312 Hexham, Northumberland (Anglo-Scottish War)
1312 Durham, Durham (Anglo-Scottish War)
1312 Hartlepool, Durham (Anglo-Scottish War)
1313 Edinburgh, Midlothian (Anglo-Scottish War)
1310 May; Inverary (Anglo Scottish Wars)
1313 unknown site in Roxburgh - (Anglo-Scottish War)
1313 Perth, Perthshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1314 14th March; Edinburgh, Midlothian (Anglo-Scottish War)
1314 23rd-24th June; Bannockburn, Sterlingshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1315 Fordell, Fife (Anglo Scottish Wars)
1316 February; Skaithmuir, Berwickshire (Anglo Scottish Wars)
1317 March; Lintalee (or Linthaughlee), Roxburgh (Anglo Scottish Wars)
1317 June; Berwick area, Northumberland (Anglo Scottish Wars)
1317 August; Inverkeithing (Anglo Scottish Wars)
1317 Winter; Donibristle, Fife (Anglo-Scottish War)
1318 April; Berwick, Northumberland (Anglo-Scottish War)
1319 20th September; Myton (or Myyton), Yorkshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1319 Gasklune, Angus (Anglo-Scottish War)
1322 16th March; Boroughbridge, Yorkshire (Rebellion of the Marches)
1322 14th October; Byland, Yorkshire (Anglo-Scottish)
1322 Stockton plundered and fired by the Scots
1332 12th October; Dupplin Moor, Perthshire (Anglo-Scottish War)
1333 19th July; Halidon Hill, Northumberland (Anglo-Scottish War)
1335 Borough Muir, Edinburgh area (Anglo-Scottish War)
1335 30th November; Kilblene (Anglo-Scottish War)
1338 Otterburn I (Anglo-Scottish War)
1339 June; Dunbar II (Anglo-Scottish War)
1346 17th October; Neville's Cross, Durham (Anglo-Scottish War)
1347 unknown site in Roxburgh - (Anglo-Scottish War)
1355 Nesbet on Teviot, Roxburgh (Anglo-Scottish War)
1370 Carham on Tweed, Northumberland
1380 Solway - Scots beat English
1388 19th August; Otterburn II (or Chevy Chase), Northumberland (Anglo-Scottish War)
1392 August; Glasclune, Perthshire
1395 Tuttim-Turwigh, Scotland - MacKays beat the MacLeods
1400 March; Cockburnspath, East Lothian - Henry Percy beaten
1400 September; Fulhope Law, Northumberlanf - Scots beaten
1402 22nd January; Nesbit Moor, Northumberland - English victorious over Scots
1402 14th September; Homildon Hill (Anglo-Scottish War) - Northumberland beats Douglas
1411 11th July; Harlaw, (or Pitcaple) nr Inverurie (Scottish Civil War)
1415 May; Yeavering (or Geteringe) (Anglo Scottish War)
1424 Dumbarton
1427 Strathnever, Caithness
1435 10th September; Piper Dene, Northumberland
1445 Arbroath, Angus - the Lindsays beat the Ogilvies
1448 23rd October; Gretna, Dumfries
1452 May; Brechin, Angus (Douglas rebellion)
1455 12th May; Arkenholm (Arkinholm) (Douglas rebellion)
1460 3rd August; Roseburgh (or Roxborugh) (Anglo Scottish Wars)
1480 Lagebread, Wester Ross
1484 22nd July; Kirkconnel, Dumfrieshire
1487 Aldy-Charrish, Wester Ross - MacKays beat the Rosses
1488 Rout of Talla Moss
1488 18th June; Sauchie Burn (or Sauchieburn) (Rebellion of Barons)
1491 Blair na Parc, Ross
1512 Milfield (near Coldstream), Berwickshire
1513 28th August; Norham, Northumberland - James IV beaten by Earl of Surrey
1513 9th September; Flodden (Anglo-Scottish War)
1514 Hornshole, Roxburgh
1515 Cleanse the Causeway (or Edinburgh), Midlothian
1516 Torran-Dubh, Sutherland
1518 Craiganairgid, Argyll - MacIan beaten
1520 Edinburgh, Midlothian - Douglas beat Earl of Arran
1523 Series of raids on Scottish Border
1542 August; Haddon Rig, Roxborough (Anglo-Scottish War)
1542 24th November; Solway Moss, Dumfries (Anglo-Scottish War)
1545 27th February; Ancrum Moor (or Heath), Roxborough (Anglo-Scottish War)
1547 21st July; St Andrews, Fife - The Castilians beaten by Leo Strozzi
1547 10th September; Pinkie Cleugh (Anglo-Scottish War)
1562 Skirmish Hill, Darnick, Roxburgh
1562 28th October; Corrichie Hill, Aberdeenshire (Huntley's Rebellion)
1567 15th June; Carberry Hill, East Lothian (Rebellion against Mary Stuart)
1568 13th May; Langside, Glasgow, Lanarkshire (Rebellion against Mary Stuart)
1570 February; The Gelt (Anglo-Scottish)
1575 The Raid of Reidswire (Carter Bar), Northumberland borders
1586 Aldgown - Sinclairs beaten by MacKays and Gunn
1593 Dryfe Sands, Lockerbie, Dumfries
1594 4th October; Glenlivet, Moray (Huntly's rebellion)
1598 5th August; Traigh Gruinart, Isle of Islay, Argyll - Mavdonald beat MacLean
1600 5th August; Perth - James VI (Gowrie conspiracy)
1601 Benquihillin, Isle of Skye - MacLeods beaten by Macdonalds
1601 Carinish, North Uist - MacLeods beaten by Macdonalds
1603 Luss, Dunbartonshire (Slaughter of Lennox)
1604 4th April; Glen Fruin (or Glenfruin) (Scottish Civil Wars)
1639 14th February; Turriff, Aberdeen - Covenanters v Huntly
1639 14th May; Turriff, Aberdeen - Covenanters beaten
1639 3rd June; Kelso
1639 15th June; Megray Hill, Kincardines - Covenanters beat William Gunn
1639 18th June; Bridge of Dee, Aberdeen (First Bishop's War) - Montrose beat Huntly
1640 28th August; Newburn Ford (First Bishop's War)
1644 5th February; Corbridge - Scots beaten by Langdale (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1644 1st September; Tippermuir - Montrose defeats Lord Elgin (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1644 13th September; Justice Mills, Aberdeen - Montrose beat Balfour (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1645 2nd February; Inverlochie (or Inverlochy) (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1645 4th April; Dundee, Angus - locals beaten by Montrose (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1645 9th May; Auldearn - Montrose victorious (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1645 28th July; Dunkeld, Perthshire (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1645 15th August; Kilsyth, Stirling - Baillie defeated by Montrose (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1645 13th September; Philiphaugh - Montrose defeated (English Civil War)
1647 Dunaverty, Argyll - Earl of Argyll beats the Royalists (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1647 24th May; Rhunahaorine Point, Argyll
1648 28th April; Berwick taken by Langdale (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1648 12th June; Mauchline Moor, Ayrshire (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1648 14th July; Penrith - Scots cavalry clash with Lambert's cavalry (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1650 27th April; Carbiesdale (N Scotland)
1650 19th July; Edinburgh, Midlothians
1650 Invercharron (Montrose defeated by Strachen)
1650 3rd September; Dunbar (Cromwell in Scotland)
1650 24th December; Edinburgh Castle surrenders (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1651 Pitreavie (near Inverkeithing, Fife) (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1651 31st August; Sack of Dundee, Angus. Civilian population slaughtered by General Monck (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1651 2nd September; the Surrender of Perth (War of the Three Kingdoms)
1655 Dalnaspiddal (Perthshire) - General Monck beat Glencairn
1664 28th October; Fyvie (Aberdeen)
1666 November; Rullion Green (Covenanter's Revolt)
1666 28th November; Pentland Hills (Covenanter's Revolt)
1679 11th June; Drumclog, Ayrshire (Covenanter's Revolt)
1679 22nd June; Bothwell Bridge, Lanarkshire (Covenanter's Revolt)
1680 20th July; Airds Moss
1680 Allt a Mhullaich (Altimorloch), Argyll
1689 27th July; Killiecrankie, Perth (Jacobite Rising)
1689 21st August; Dunkeld, Perth (Jacobite Rising)
1690 1st May; Cromdale (Moray) (Jacobite Rising)
1692 13th February; Glencoe,Argyll (Jacobite Rising)
1715 12th-14th November; Preston II, Lancs (Jacobite Rising)
1715 13th November; Sherrifmuir (Jacobite Rising)
1719 10th June; Glen Shiel
1745 21st September; Prestonpans (Gladsmuir) (Jacobite Rising)
1745 August; Glenfinnan (Jacobite Rising)
1745 9th-13th November; Carlisle (Jacobite Rising)
1745 18th December; Clifton Moor (Jacobite Rising)
1746 17th January; Falkirk II (Jacobite Rising)
1746 16th April; Culloden (or Drummossie Moor) (Jacobite Rising)
1746 Ruthven Barracks
1882 17th April; Battle of the Braes, Skye (Highland Clearances)

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